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Best way to move entire VPS to New Server
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Best way to move entire VPS to New Server

I want to move my whole VPS which is hosting mine & clients sites to a new VPS. Or do I need to setup the new server and import accounts?

I'm using Centos Web Panel if that makes a difference.



  • I haven't used CWP but it looks a lot like cPanel which runs on top of the OS inside the VPS.

    Are your changing hosting providers or just moving from from one VPS to another inside the same environment?

    If you are not changing providers ask the host to adjust the specs of your VPS.

    If you are changing providers you will most likely need to setup the new VPS, install the OS and CWP and do an export/backup -> import/restore inside CWP but you will have to deal with DNS changes with different IPs in case of the latter.

  • I'm looking at changing providers. CWP does have a restore account function didn't realise until you mentioned it. Thanks :D

  • jackbjackb Member, Host Rep
    edited February 2017

    If you're migrating from KVM or Xen to another KVM or Xen VPS, and both have rescue/live cd environments, you can use DD over SSH to copy your disk from one to the other.

    E.g. from the new VPS while in a live cd, try:

    ssh root@old-vps-livecd "dd if=/dev/vda1" | dd of=/dev/vda1

    Naturally that method requires some downtime. You might be better off using the backup/restore as you mentioned above :)

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider
    edited February 2017

    @n1kko dont follow that verbatim without reading it but essentially that will work for you 90% of the time, and if it fails you lose nothing anyway.

    Don't just copy the disk image as suggested above, especially if they are different virt types, your networking will be messed up beyond belief, your copying WAY more than you need too as you also copy empty space that way and lots of other crap you will have no fun with later.

  • AnthonySmith said: lots of other crap

    Yeah, I'd advice to start fresh. If you move often, it might be wise to have some scripts to help you pack everything on the old host and setup everything on the new.

  • This seems to be some sort of a recurring theme/question.

    Please see:


    Fundamentally/Conceptually it is same as what @AnthonySmith linked above. There are a few additional (important!) flags that you should include for rsync when copying (OS) files across machines: AXS (see man page for details).

    Other than the flags the only changes you should be making are the actual excludes that may vary on a case by case basis.

    You didn't mention if the VPS is OpenVZ or KVM/Xen. For OpenVZ you don't have to worry/bother about /boot but for KVM/Xen you need to copy /boot and also ensure that you run grub-install/update-grub as appropriate.

    Hope this helps.

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