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Which configuration can handle traffic spike better?
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Which configuration can handle traffic spike better?

Luke007Luke007 Member
edited February 2017 in Help
  1. nginx -> varnish -> apache
  2. nginx -> memcache -> apache

All the hosted sites are wordpress based. Can't use nginx as standalone as it is a cpanel server.

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    • make it a poll, can be interesting. sorry haven't tested but looks like 1 is popular.

    • Engintron works fine for me with optimised apache server, however, in production I use Litespeed :)

    • nginx, memcache, remote DB (maybe your bottleneck is DB)

    • datanoisedatanoise Member
      edited February 2017

      Depends what your bottleneck is.

      Cache as much as you can on the app level. Then cache full page if/when possible.

      1 is Nginx in front of varnish in front of apache?
      Why not directly varnish or nginx > apache?

    • datanoise said: Depends what your bottleneck is

      Network is the bottleneck. Though I have not checked with real traffic. Tested with only.

    • If network is your problem, gzip what you can, ( and set a long cache control - you can also serve static files from another server/vps or a CDN...

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