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Windows 7 - Multiple Interfaces
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Windows 7 - Multiple Interfaces

AldryicAldryic Member
edited January 2012 in Help

I'm admittedly rather inexperienced with Windows. Before my current 'day job', I haven't used Windows as my primary OS since the mid 90s, so I'm stumbling just a bit through W7's configs <_<

Basically, I'm on a machine with both an eth0 and wlan0, and simultaneously active. ( The eth0 connection is horrendously slow thanks to the very asinine VPN setup here, but required as I need to reach internal IPs for some software to function. The wlan0 is a 10mbit line through a cable modem, and is ideal for just about everything else. Using eth0 is a requirement, I do not have means to access the VPN in another fashion.

What I would like to do is either specify which interface to use on a per-application basis (AS400/iSeries uses eth0, firefox uses wlan0, etc), or specify that wlan0 be used primary, only falling back to eth0 if something fails to resolve (such as the internal IPs from the VPN). I've been google'ing the hell out of this for a few days now with absolutely zero luck. Would anyone happen to know if this is possible to do in W7, and be so kind as to point me in the right direction?


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