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Not sure what I really need?
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Not sure what I really need?

HarrySolomanHarrySoloman Member
edited February 2017 in Help

I sit and type before you ignorant on server knowledge so please forgive.

I am building as small forum that is basically a library of information but has lots of pictures. We use chat and is less than 10 active people easily per day.

My needs are not that great at this time and likely will not for a few years at best as it is built, more of hobby thing.

Chat and photo storage is more important.
It is currently on cloud system the 65 cloud option:

The forum company is doing away with chat so I need to find a server I can put that forum that I can put a chat on with it.

I do not care if this is in USA or Europe. Members more so in Europe maybe but matters not.

As I look I realize I have no idea what I am doing so any direction is appreciated.
Thank you for your time and energies.


  • williewillie Member
    edited February 2017

    How much photo storage do you want? What is your budget?---wait you're paying $45 a month for something like that?? Ouch.

    I suggest signing up for the basic 1G ($5 a year) shared hosting plan here:

    That will NOT be enough capacity for what you're doing, but it will let you try out the built-in options for BBS's etc. There are a lot of pre-packaged ones that you can install for free using the Scriptaculous installer included.

    If you don't like what you find, you've spent $5 and learned some things and you're back to the drawing board. If you do like it, then upgrade to the 20G plan which is $15 a year. That ought to do you unless your volume is pretty high. Beyond the 20G plan there are bigger plans intended for resellers, but you can use them too. Or you could get a storage server for the pictures and run the web stuff from shared hosting.

    I wouldn't suggest running your own stuff on a VPS unless you know what you're doing more than it sounds like you do. You might work out a custom setup with a managed vps through a number of the LET hosts, which will give you lots of capacity and control, with management fees in the same ballpark (though probably lower) than what you were paying Invision. But for a small board used by just a few people, it sounds like way overkill.

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  • HarrySolomanHarrySoloman Member
    edited February 2017

    Thank you. It is very much appreciated. I like the Luxembourg aspect. I used to live right outside of it on the Sauer River. Pic space is kinda large and is reason for the size they charge me and not traffic reason.

    I miss the "Flying Dutchman."

    I do not really care so much on price as quality and ease to expand. Privacy is nice too so I do not mind paying to keep from being used for ad crap.

    I will be making tutorials and such and thus I do not easily want to lose this information once created.

    I like the idea of a storage server.

    Thanks again and I appreciate the direction and help.

  • BuyVM Storage servers start at $7/month for 250GB. This is on the high side for pure low-end storage by today's standards, but the servers are powerful and they'd have fast connectivity to the Buyshared web package (they are the same company, they just split the VPS and shared hosting products into two different brands). So you could load your images to the storage server and transclude the images from the web plan, or maybe serve your whole site from it.

    For a while @Francisco was offering a 4x RAM upgrade at no extra charge with the storage servers. I don't know if that's still available.

    Again, you might discuss a managed server package if you don't mind spending the $$ to have someone else take care of the setup for you. I've had stuff with them for years on and off, and they're very knowledgeable and helpful.

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    Still do :)


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  • HarrySolomanHarrySoloman Member
    edited February 2017

    I thank you both for you time and energies. I sent Francisco a pm. Much respect to forum too!

  • You can go with any shared hosting plan to start off with which would cost you under $2/month. Since you are looking to store alot of images you can go for hosting provider like iPage they offer unlimited disk space. You can read ipage review on my website and compare other hosting providers. Hope this helps!

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