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Cheap VPS for a VPN
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Cheap VPS for a VPN

livingvirtuallivingvirtual Member
edited May 2013 in Offers

I am looking for a VPS mainly to be used as a VPN at the least possible price with a good network speed and uptime. Any suggestions?


  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Any particular location? We have a ton of VPN clients.

  • Any location is preferable as long as there is good network speed and uptime.

  • upfreakupfreak Member
    edited May 2013

    links in my signature will be of use to you ;)

  • Also I prefer to pay a monthly fee.

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    I can help with this in Dallas.

  • ihatetonyyihatetonyy Member
    edited May 2013

    @livingvirtual said: as long as there is good network speed

    Where you're at plays a big part in this, especially for a VPN.

    Western US/Asia: RAMNode (Seattle), BuyVM (LV), Hostigation (LA/QuadraNET)
    Central US: Catalyst (Dallas), FrontRange (Denver)
    Eastern US: RAMNode (Atlanta), EOReality (NYC, 100 Williams)
    Europe: NodeDeploy (Germany), Prometeus (Italy).

    ..though, that probably didn't help.

  • nutjobnutjob Member

    We need a wanted section.

  • Well Hostigation looks, I wish they had a monthly payment scheme for their 20/yr plan.

  • Can do a once off special 128MB VPS in Buffalo NY for $1.50/month.

  • bcrlsnbcrlsn Member

    @concerto49 - How much bandwidth?

  • johnlth93johnlth93 Member
    edited May 2013

    you can get lowendspirit if you are okay with limited port option for ipv4
    i got 1 of their UK and 1 of their NL vps
    so far so good for a vpn i use personally

  • kb9kb9 Member

    what country are you looking for?

  • @bcarlsonmedia 250GB by default. Is that enough? Otherwise might be able to bump it up slightly.

    Specs are:

    1 CPU
    128MB RAM / 128MB VSwap
    7GB RAID10 HDD Space
    250GB Bandwidth @ 1gigabit
    99.9% Uptime SLA
    1 IPv4 Address

    Anyone else interested? Buffalo, NY at this point. Would be happy to offer Texas and Los Angeles, but we're sold out on them right now. Restocking very soon.

  • bcrlsnbcrlsn Member

    @concerto49 - Been looking for an LA node for VPN. Let me know when they're in stock.

  • @bcarlsonmedia might sqeeze 1 for a $16/year normal price plan, but for a paid monthly special, I'll let you know. Sometime this month. Waiting for hardware to arrive.

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a US location VPS (with good network speed) for private VPN accessed from China. What I have in mind is to setup L2TP/IPsec & Cisco IPsec, so I guess I need a KVM VPS, correct?

    Any recommendation?


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