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Windows VPS Reseller Of Some Sort
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Windows VPS Reseller Of Some Sort

ccenterpriseccenterprise Member
edited January 2012 in General

Hi Guys, we offer a custom windows based program that needs to run 24/7.
The user will need a remote desktop connection and very little space/bandwidth/server performance. We'll need 1gb of storege (the software we have has only 50mb - so even 500mb would be enough), 5 gb of montly bandwidth and 256 - 512 mb max ram (128 is min to run the app, 256 should be ok).

So i'm looking for a windows vps reseller or any other solution where we can deliver windows vps hosting for our clients and where we can set the prices and also brand the vps management page with our details (or have it without any branding at all). Also it would be great if we could use win xp with our own licenses (we have some already) so we don't have to pay extra.

So far, we only found some partnership based reseller programs where we would get 20% or so from the sale and that's not really convenient.
There's also the solution to get a dedicated server and split it up but we would have additional costs for managing the server and client support.

Now, i see a lot of good hosting offers on lowendbox, 512mb at around $5-$7 - if we could take something like that, put our own price on it (and have it branded or made neutral in some way) and sell it to our clients, that would be really great.

If anyone can help us out...


  • The lowendboxes around here are mostly for Linux, Windows is way more expensive.

  • I know, i'm not expecting to pay $5 for a windows vps - i'm just looking for a good solution for my problem.

  • exussumexussum Member
    edited January 2012

    Ask them guys ?

    Or just buy the boxs there and set up the API keys, Then you can make your own page and change their box using the api ?

    @ the reseller part, Just sell 20% more expensive than they charge if they will not offer anything back

  • exussum, can you elaborate on the API thing? is that even possible? i'm not an expert when it comes to servers and stuff - we planned to use WHMCS to manage the hosting part - will it be possible to use the API + WHMCS ?

  • You end up with two keys looking like this

    API Key ***********
    API Hash ******************************************
    API Status Enabled [disable]

    You then just post things to the main server with the api key and hash and the server will respond. It would allow you to integrate it to what ever system you liked

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