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Black Friday Again? Nope Just May and 50% off is back for SSD Cached KVM & OpenVZ plans!!!
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Black Friday Again? Nope Just May and 50% off is back for SSD Cached KVM & OpenVZ plans!!!

FRCoreyFRCorey Member
edited May 2013 in Offers

Here's our latest offer from Front Range Hosting. Bringing Sexy back with our 50OFF Promo not seen since Black Friday

We recently finished 7th on the Quarterly hosts poll, our first time appearing on the poll :)

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Pricing on 4 plans below are inclusive of the 50OFF code.

Memory Format is as follows: Dedicated/Burst/vSwap

REMEMBER! Prices are discounted after you click "Add to Cart"


TypeDedicated RAMBurst RAM vSwapDiskBandwidth CouponPer Month
OpenVZ128MB256MB128MB5GB SSD Cached256GB50OFF$1.00
OpenVZ256MB512MB256MB10GB SSD Cached512GB50OFF$2.00
OpenVZ384MB768MB384MB15GB SSD Cached768GB50OFF$3.00
OpenVZ512MB1024MB512MB20GB SSD Cached1TB50OFF$4.00
OpenVZ768MB1536MB768MB30GB SSD Cached1.5TB50OFF$6.00


TypeDedicated RAMBurst RAM vCPUDiskBandwidth CouponPer Month
KVM256MBNone2vCPU15GB SSD Cached512GB50OFF$2.00
KVM384MBNone2vCPU22GB SSD Cached768GB50OFF$3.00
KVM512MBNone2vCPU30GB SSD Cached1TB50OFF$4.00

Larger plans available 50OFF discount works on them all.

We also offer Server Monitoring with checks from 3 US locations keep an eye on your servers with us or anywhere else!

5 Checks from 3 US locations every 5 minutes for 1.00/mo Some services would charge .60 for 1 check from 3 locations.
5 Checks from 3 US locations every 1 minutes for 2.00/mo
10 Checks @5Min 3Loc 2.00/mo
10 Checks @1Min 3Loc 4.00/mo

We can scale that as well into larger plans just talk to sales.

You can see the Server Monitoring Plans at

All Plans Feature
24x7x365.25 Support, were even here for leap seconds!
SSD Accelerated Nodes
Gigabit Nodes
SolusVM Management Console
Native IPv6
Fast 24 Core Intel Xeon Nodes
ASN 54856/We Own our OWN IP Addresses!
Free DNS Management + RDNS v4&v6
Colorado Registered Business in Good Standing
Verisign Trusted & Tested Daily!
EV SSL Protected Shopping Cart, Accept Credit Cards, Paypal, 2 Checkout, and Amazon Checkout

Denver TestIP (


  • Nice offer, thanks Correy :)

  • @FRCorey

    What's the meaning of 0 sms? unlimited?
    5 Checks @ 1 Minute Resolution
    0 SMS
    Checks are from 3 US Locations

  • FRCoreyFRCorey Member

    I took that out of the descriptions.

    Secret, most cell providers have a email to SMS gateway that's free.. just configure that email as the notification contact.

    I have not setup a SMS plan yet so 0 meant no sms.

  • airskiairski Member

    Awesome offer.
    Is promotion code only available this Friday?

  • FRCoreyFRCorey Member
    edited May 2013

    @airski Nope until June 1st.

  • LAKidLAKid Member

    @FRCorey have any Looking Glass setup?

  • tdc_admtdc_adm Member

    Nice to see your new KVM plans :)

  • FRCoreyFRCorey Member

    @lakid no we do not at this time. Test IP's are listed though.

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