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Hello, do anyone know when announce their 2017 range? if this is how it works.


  • Curious about it too. They announced their 2016 line in March.. let's see if it will be earlier this year!

  • Unsure when the new range should be released, but i t'll probably get delayed due to the DRAM/NAND issues.

  • "This strategy allows us to move fast and upgrade our Dedibox servers on average every 18 months."

    probably not March then.

  • NodePingNodePing Member
    edited January 2017

    I didn't see any announcement but saw some Dedibox PST24 2017 boxes when they had a little stock and snatched them up. Looks like they've changed the name in the dedicated list to just "Dedibox PST24" now.

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