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I am looking for a virtual location server in Switzerland.
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I am looking for a virtual location server in Switzerland.

askveaskve Member
edited January 2017 in Requests

Hello, I am following LowEndTalk for a long time without members. Today I needed a virtual server in Swiss location. For this reason I am a member.

VZ type: KVM or VMware.

Number of Cores: 1-3

RAM: 1-3

Disk space: minimum 20GB

Disk type: it does not matter.

Bandwidth: minimum 3TB

Port speed: minimum 250 Mbps

DDoS protection: it does not matter.

Number of IPs: 1

Location: Switzerland

Budget: 10 EURO or U.S. Dollar (USD)

Payment method: Credit/Debit Card (VISA) or Bitcoin. :( -I'm in Turkey. There is no PayPal in Turkey with a population of 82 million. We are not as lucky as you. :/

Billing period: Monthly.



  • The port speed has been updated.

  • estnocestnoc Member, Patron Provider

    im afraid 10eur is not enough for 3tb on 250mbps. Perhaps its possible when its 100% Init7 traffic (from solarcom family). as much i remember Init7 does not play well with Turkey speedwise.

  • jtkjtk Member

    In my experience good, cheap Swiss LEB providers are elusive. The couple I've tried are less than ideal. One provides such a terrible service, their existence won't even be acknowledged by me. Here is one that filters out some core protocols (e.g. DNS and NTP), so I consider them a provider of something less than complete Internet service, but maybe they will work in your situation:

  • WilliamWilliam Member
    edited January 2017

    estnoc said: Init7 does not play well with Turkey speedwise

    Or (West) DTAG, thus half of Germany, or TPSA, or ONO... they have the past OVH problems essentially.

    10EUR for 1 core/1GB/20GB/3TB in CH is... not extremely unreasonable, but not too realistic either.

    Softronics sells pretty much exactly that for 9.95EUR, however only paid 6mo or higher.

  • Topic can be locked. I'm going to open up a new request.

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