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vmhostsvmhosts Member
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We are offering a special Cloud LEB promotion. Cost is £4.40 GBP ($6.87 USD)

Choice of Linux operating system
256MB of Dedicated memory
150GB Bandwidth
True Cloud XEN infrastructure
UK Tier 3 Datacenter
High Availability included
Raid10 highly available Clustered Storage Array
Virtual Machine Control Panel for rebuild and console access

Click here to place your order

VMhosts is an established company which is technically focused on performance and availability for customer applications. We offer a friendly and flexible service and aim to exceed customer expectations


  • jhjh Member

    Please read the rules.

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    Incase you can't find them... HERE

  • Why is it £4.12 to start but £4.40 recurring?

  • maxexcloomaxexcloo Member
    edited January 2012

    It's good that you're promoting synergy and vertical integration across your cloud platform, it will enable you to leverage the impact your streamlined and diverse data protocol systems will have on the web platform.

    However, I'd advise that you take a less customer-centric approach and instead focus on enterprise deployments via RSS and granular free-value on the open market.

  • Can someone explain the difference between cloud and vps?

    Basically with cloud your server will never go down as your container is located in various other servers around the world so if one fails your session will be loaded elsewhere?

  • jhjh Member
    edited January 2012

    @net said: Can someone explain the difference between cloud and vps?

    It varies from cloud to cloud but for example ours looks like this:

  • Sorry, I missed the rules. But we will actively contribute to this forum so we will still be here in 7 days if the forum owner needs to remove this thread.

    The cost is £4.12 today as we invoice on a prorata basis on the 1st of each month.

    Cloud has many different marketing terms but in our case we run virtual machines (VPS) on a highly available infrastructure. This includes fully redundant networks and a clustered storage array.

    If the host that runs your virtual machines suffers any outage your machine will be automatically started on a new host. By keeping two copies of your data on our clustered storage array we also reduce the risk of outages due to shared storage down time.

    The key thing to get right with any Cloud solution is the network and storage

  • honestly, i wouldn't really poke him for this one if he's planning on participating in the community.

    it's rare that i end up seeing a legitimate company new-post here as opposed to absolute garbage like half the previous 'register and post offer' hosts

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