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CatalystHost Review
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CatalystHost Review

Dragoon0309Dragoon0309 Member
edited May 2013 in Reviews

I've been using CatalystHost for a few months now since I won the managed VPS offer from them in Feb.

I have only contacted them a couple times to help me install things on the VPS as I try to do things myself first or if I'm really busy ask them to do it for me and they have gotten it done very quickly. They treat me like a paying customer and I am very grateful for that.

Now the best part that makes me really think they are one of the best VPS providers around here is due to the control panel issue. When they switched panels back to SolusVM there was a discrepancy in the resource information in the panel. Knowing they were busy I sent a low priority ticket about it notifying them that they gave me some extra BW and Disk Space due to the error. @Jarland told me that I could keep it and to think of it as gift.

That was extremely nice, as it gave me 10GB extra space and 4 times my BW allotment. I then proceeded to ask if they could fix the fact it told me I had the wrong amount of Ram and Vswap because my OCD about that bothered me. Mind you, I am not a paying customer and originally had 256mb of ram.

@RyanArp then told me he fixed it, and to my surprise bumped me up to the 2GB of ram to match the panel.

This is beyond my expectations of any host, and I just expected them to make it reflect my 256mb of ram, but what they did was absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you again CatalystHost and all that you do.


  • ryanarpryanarp Member, Patron Provider
    edited May 2013

    lol, you forgot to include my very unprofessional ticket response saying "Bam". Because when you say "Bam" things just work. Thanks for the kind words @Dragoon0309

  • @Ryanarp Things like "Bam" In a ticket isn't something that bothers me, and you are right things do just work! Being laid back about things and not being stuck-up or by the books "professional" is a good thing, at least I think so.

  • unusedunused Member

    @Dragoon0309 Agreed, the CatalystHost guys are very cool - down to earth, real, and genuinely care about their customers and the excellent service they provide!

  • @unused I know! Writing a review was the least I could do for offering me what they are and being so awesome!

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    Always happy to exceed expectations!

    I'm just bribing you to stay quiet when I screw up big time later anyway. We all know it. :P

  • Well... I guess I'm not worthy of mention. Probably because @jarland and @ryanarp constantly steal all of the tickets that are meant for my amazing involvement.

    Kidding. Thanks @Dragoon0309 for the awesome mention!

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    If you will give pocketlamps to yearly deals, I bet you'll be number 1 in the next poll.

    Just kidding, you guys are awesome!

  • I am officially mentioning @HalfEatenPie in this review because he is my favorite partially eaten dessert.

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