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Stay away from MyResellerHost!
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Stay away from MyResellerHost!

pikpokpikpok Member
edited August 2011 in General

I wan't to warn everyone, who want to buy VPS from MyResellerHost. I had mine VPS (Warp Speed 2, with promocode from LEB) for 4-5 months, I don't remeber. It was paid until 19 August. In 12 August, VPS was turned off. I was on holidays, and when I came back home in monday, I had noticed that my account is deleted from support, and from SolusVM panel. Without ANY mail. So I created support ticket the same day. Here you have screenshot of the most ridiculous reply, that I ever heard:
No any more mail, no contact with provider. If the hard disk was true crashed, why all my accounts are deleted, even that from HostBill? And who notice clients, that their data has been lost, by "placing a note in the site"? I'm still waiting for reply, I wan't to rescue my data...

PS. Sorry for my English, I'm still learning. I hope that you understand all.

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  • What is ridiculous? They and a hardware failure say they posted a notice, ask for your VPS to be re-provisioned and work with them, it does appear they are a little on the slow side with ticket reply's, but nothing over a day.

  • What is ridiculous? I don't have any mail, that my account has been deleted. Anyway - data of my VPS and client area was on one hard disk, that has been failured? It's strange.

  • Yep, stay away xD

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Yep, I say that too. I have heard a few insiders, basically if you don't already know all servers there were compromised by a 10 year old Ex-Employee, and all data was deleted. So, ya know.. And they lied that it was a hardware failure on EVERY SINGLE SERVER!

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  • May want to post this in one of the threads where an offer was made:

    May also want to cover which myresellerhost you're discussing as there appears to be a couple of them.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    We are talking about the .info one, AFAIK there arent anymore. This is the bad one!

  • BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
    edited August 2011

    Since this is happening as well, you should just leave from them. actually has quite a few bad reviews around - just look them up. I've talked to this "Sharif" on Skype, and here was his response:
    [11:04:07 PM] Sharif: ok

    [11:04:30 PM] Sharif: we had a massive hard disk failure at MRH ... so we informed everyone about this...!!

    [11:04:42 PM] Bolts: ?

    [11:04:43 PM] Bolts: every server

    [11:05:13 PM] Sharif: Yeah .. SolusVM was clustered... so if the main server is affected others will be too

    [11:05:29 PM] Bolts: So the main server was affected?

    [11:05:33 PM] Sharif: Hence some of clients got their vps back... no damage.

    [11:05:56 PM] Sharif: yeah main server was damaged... the problem was within DC

    AFAIK, this isn't possible and I've never seen such a situation :v . Probably lies cooked up?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2011

    That is lots of lies, you can't have every single server with lost data. They should have backed up anyway. They should have RAID too so if a disk fails...

    Oh, sorry I forgot, every single disk failed. They had a phonomenon called 10 year old Ex-Employee rage!

  • Backups maybe?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Nope, no sign of one. Oh, sorry the backup server's drive failed too!

  • One of the reasons why we're moving our backups overseas. Completely off network. :)

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