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Customer Signups
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Customer Signups

Does anyone here ever actually get customer signups from ads they place on WHT or LET communities? I'm just curious if anyone has had success at it.

What are customers looking for in the service?

Have you broken even or started making a profit on the service you provide?

How do you grow so you can get more servers and provide the best service at the best possible price?

Lastly, other than OVH, what other providers do you recommend for servers? Me personally, I'm looking for US-based servers to begin with.

Thank you for answering! Ya'll have a nice evening and I appreciate your responses. (Please be respectful, I'm trying to be respectful and that's all we can all ask for, is for us to be civil and treat each other with respect.)


  • Hi,

    The key is not to rely on forums to grow your business. They play a valuable and contributing part, but they won't make your business for you.

    You need to be pro-actively going out there and finding the business.

    If you need help with cost-effective servers in the US, drop me a note, I'd be happy cook you up a deal on the right dedicated servers.

  • WHTWHT Member

    You should not wait for signups from ads. Ads are only to make you famous. Once you are famous, you are trusty. Once your brand is trusted, you get clients.

    Advertising for 2-3 months and getting no signups is normal.

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