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OVZ VPS for 2-4 USD = Price Range
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OVZ VPS for 2-4 USD = Price Range

I would like a offers for new year if any about VPS i want for 2-4 USD maximum per month.

Specs i want is :-

20 GB SSD if possible
1 core would do it

Location: Europe
DDOS : Yes would be ok if not its also Ok :)

100mbps network

This VPS would be used for music bots 10 instance.

Please send me the best offers you could give me.


  • OVH VPS SSD 1 might work. Has 2GB RAM, DDOS protected, 100Mbps unlimited network with France as the location too. Downside is that it only has 10GB of storage and is KVM not OVZ (not a problem imo). OVH charges $3.49 for this server each month.

    There is also Scaleway which has 2 x86 64bit Cores with 2GB Memory and a 50GB SSD disk with 200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth for €2.99 each month ($3.15). Their locations are France or Amsterdam. It's also KVM.

    It might be worth choosing from one of those if there aren't any other providers that can offer you something. They both pretty much cost the same too.

  • Scaleway is kvm-ish, cant change kernel there.

  • you can use my signature , we are located in Romania

  • cociu said: you can use my signature , we are located in Romania

    Your sig doesn't contain SSD deals.

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    we can do the following plan:

    Xen VPS

    1GB Memory

    15GB Pure SSD

    4 vCPU Fair Use

    2.66 GHz* CPU Speed

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    1 IPv4 Address

    £5 p/m

    I know that it's less memory but you do get more vCPU.

  • Is there a specific reason you'd want OpenVZ over KVM? The ability to change kernels (like you can do in DigitalOcean) easily, (it can be done on an OVH KVM vps for example but is a lot more involved) is one of the only advantages I can see...

  • @webproject you are way over his budget

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    OhMyMy said: you are way over his budget

    1 vCPU is not great for any project except 1-5 small websites and on this occasion good luck to find provider or try the

  • Hi There,

    We offer both SSD and HDD packages that well suit your needs, we do not use openvz however we do use LXC which would mean better performance, We already have a client that uses our VPS for sinus bot so if your interested please message me or check out my signature.

    Good luck finding what you want and I believe you will find what you want easily here, I hope to do business with you.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    If raid 10 SAS with large ssd cache is OK I can do that in the UK with ddos protection

  • i will use sinus bots and might open a san adreas samp community

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