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Best Hourly Cloud Providers?
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Best Hourly Cloud Providers?

Looking for:

  • Good value for money
  • Overall cheap
  • Hourly
  • Multiple Locations
  • optional Dedicated Instances with High CPU / RAM with daily or hourly cost


  • you havent figured this out on your own by now?

  • Vultr, Digitalocan, AWS, Scaleway just to name a few..

  • @JoeMerit said:
    you havent figured this out on your own by now?

    Of course I've figured out but I want others opinions.

  • @domin43 for this and all of your other question google is your friend. If u go to google and search. Hourly vps you get many threads similar to this one

  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Ramnode, Luna Node.

  • dcamero said: Ramnode,

    No hourly there but otherwise excellent.

  • there was an advert on here today from a UK member who was giving 70% off hourly cloud services, check it out, sorry can't remember the link.

  • Hourly for me is Linode benchmarked and compared Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode comes out on top especially since they doubled their ram. Sweet spot is 8GB Linode plan with $10/cpu core with 4 cpu cores for $40/month with E5-2680v2 or E5-2680v3 processors

    Haven't tried Upcloud but it looks very close equivalent to Linode but with faster processors including E5-2687Wv3 @3.1Ghz and more complimentary locations to Linode in London, Frankfurt, Chicago & Helsinki. Some of my users mentioned it Definitely, on the short list to try next for me - fast processors and the locations look good for building out my geo latency cluster :)

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  • williewillie Member
    edited December 2016

    Wow, that benchmark was from Sept 2014 and Linode's prices for the 16 cpu instance hasn't changed, still $480 a month. DO got 655 rsa4096 private ops/sec, Linode got 1091, and Vultr got 1183. My Hetzner i7-3770 at under $30/month gets 510, just under half Linode's speed at 1/16th of the cost. I think this is typical of hourly cloud providers except Scaleway, but Scaleway only has those rather slow Atom servers (or the even slower ARMs). is not mentioned so far. I haven't used them but they post here on LET a fair amount and sound ok.

    OVH Public Cloud has some very powerful (though expensive) instances available, including some GPU systems.

  • eva2000eva2000 Veteran
    edited December 2016

    willie said: Wow, that benchmark was from Sept 2014 and Linode's prices for the 16 cpu instance hasn't changed, still $480 a month. DO got 655 rsa4096 private ops/sec, Linode got 1091, and Vultr got 1183.

    Don't forget virtualization itself has it's own 20-40% overhead too. But original thread poster was talking about hourly pricing :) I wouldn't of only been able to do such benchmarks with hourly pricing as monthly would of been too expensive too heh. My sweet spot for is $10/cpu core for modern processors which Linode 8GB 4 CPU at $40/month fits for US West Coast preferenced :)

    Though dedicated on budget is available, my OVH Core i7 4790K 32GB 2x240GB SSD is $46.99/month but not in my preferred US West Location but as it's a dedicated test server for Centmin Mod LEMP stack project of mine it is fine :)

  • @eva2000 said:
    virtualization itself has it's own 20-40% overhead too


  • williewillie Member
    edited December 2016

    Yes of course it all depends on the application. In my case it's all about CPU throughput, and the 16 cpu Linode is around 2x the speed of the i7-3770 at 16x the price, an 8x ratio in price/performance that seems hard to justify despite the flexibility of hourly billing. Basically I could get equivalent CPU with two i7-3770s, that cost as much in a month as < 4 days of the Linode. I figure if I have something that would take under 4 days on the Linode, I can do it in < 8 days on the i7-3770 and I usually don't mind doing a week-long computation (I think about more hardware when the i7 will take several weeks or months).

    The i7-4790K is even better than the 3770, getting 635 rsa-4096 sigs/sec instead of the 3770's 510. The price is good too.

    My feeling for cpu is that hourly is interesting if it's at most 4x the cost/hour of comparable monthly cycles, and preferably under 2x. There are some situations where I might need a high memory machine temporarily and multiple smaller ones can't substitute--the big hourly instances are good for that. I haven't done any personal projects that required it yet though (I did a work thing that wanted a 256GB AWS instance once).

    Hourly is great if I want to muck with an experimental configuration or OS install for a little while, then spin it down. In those cases though, performance isn't that important, so I use Scaleway which is way cheap.

    I'd like to try benchmarking the 4-core Linode you mentioned on some of my stuff. I've always figured Linode "cores" are actually cpu threads, i.e. 1/2 a physical core, and the E5 cores are somewhat slower than E3/i7 cores, so the $40/month Linode has cpu equivalent to maybe 1.5 i7-3770 cores. I guess that's pretty good, about a 2.5x ratio. Maybe I'll try using a few sometime. In a situation like that I'd want to spin up 10 or more of them, to get a 2 week task done in a day or two.

    YMMV, the above is just my own usage habits.

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