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parental control
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parental control

sandozsandoz Veteran
edited December 2016 in General

i am looking for something like this:
I want to be able to limit the time and control what my children can see and not see on the internet, as it seems its getting out of control here...

I am currently using opendns, but that is easy to bypass with custom dns server

Maybe theres some prebuilt image for a raspberry pi? Or any other solution, not based on subscriptions

Some days ago i saw a kickstarter or similar project that had something like this for $49, but i cannot find it anymore


  • I think this is a wrong approach. Denying something to people will just increase their curiosity and push them to break the rules. Circle for home might work a bit. But you can't control the wifi network from your neighbours if they didn't put a password on it.
    Just teach your kids that there are limits and what is seen as "normal". Or just make your own rules and "punish" the kids by eg not letting them use the tablet for a week if they don't listen.

  • Talk to your children about it, or hire @Nekki to do it

  • limit the time

    That's often a configurable option on routers.

  • datanoisedatanoise Member
    edited December 2016

    OpenDNS family + speaking with them seems like a good option: they can cheat if they really want to, but are somewhat protected, and you don't rely only on a technical solution (that could always be bypassed). Anyway at one point they'll hit the real internets, then it's probably better to get their minds & will somewhat prepared than censor everything; they might end up being less likely willing to get hooked to forbidden crap ASAP.

    If you want to allow only few websites, any OpenWRT compatible router with a firewall where you allow only certain hosts would work great.

    A more radical option would be no network in the house, focus on great books, learning a music instrument, play games and watch great movies from time to time.

    Probably the best option. You'd have to cure your LET addiction though. Might be impossible. :-/

    Good luck mate, blessed be your kidz - I hope they won't get addicted to cheap VPSes.


  • I have open DNS deployed for a number of customers. The trick is blocking access to port 53 for everything except for openDNS

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  • If you have a Raspberry Pi 3, you could try GateSentry :

  • This is an HR problem :

    practically the same approach for employees and children.

    Nothing else really works.

  • Change bad habits by introducing other more interesting and positive habits. Help your kids finds something they like and are passionate enough about to dedicate most of their time to it. They can always use other WIFIs or phone data ...

  • install Tomato on your router

    or teach your kids to use the internet

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