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VPS AntiAbuse Monitor??
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VPS AntiAbuse Monitor??

upfreakupfreak Member
edited April 2013 in General

Following up on the recent WHT thread here

Nodewatch /

Nodewatch is an OpenVZ VPS node protection daemon that makes VPS hosting business much safer.

It works with any control panel: SolusVM, Parallels, KiwiVM, vePortal (or no panel at all). It helps eliminate 95% of abuse incidents related to outgoing and incoming DoS/flood attacks, outgoing mass mailing, weak root passwords set by VPS users, and more!

Nodewatch requires very little configuration, so it is very easy to try it (uninstallation is extremely easy).

Cost : FREE

This service is from VPS Blast / IT7 / BangWagon Host

Thanked by 1Jeffrey


  • wow cool.I bookmarked it

  • this still worked?

  • This looks very neat, but I'd be worried about false positives.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    @Jeffrey said:
    This looks very neat, but I'd be worried about false positives.

    Mostly false positive pps report on container reboot. Otherwise extremely reliable.

  • My only beef with it is that it's encoded for some reason.

  • Any way to get a monitor like this for kvm boxes?

    Not for abuse exactly, more like usage...

  • cloromorphocloromorpho Member
    edited January 2014

    Running Proxmox atm.

  • Nodewatch has been great for us and caught a few abusers with it.

  • Wish it handled CPU and IO Abuse, but it's great at dealing with DDOS and spammers.

  • ryanarpryanarp Member, Patron Provider

    We can generally catch spammers before they get us abuse notices and blacklist our IP. It has been a good while since I have received a abuse notice for SPAM.

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