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Looking for vps recommendations
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Looking for vps recommendations

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the two following vps specs:

1+ cpu cores
256MB+ memory
30GB+ storage
unmetered bandwidth
USA based
under $10/year

2+ cpu cores
1GB+ memory
200GB+ storage
Un-metered bandwidth
Must be able to use fuse modules
USA based (bonus if on east coast)
under $20/year

I am looking to get at least 3 of the #1's and one or two of the #2's


  • Do you truly need unmetered bandwidth? How much are you realistically looking to use?

  • Right now I don't know. The smaller ones will be for stuff like vpn, dyndn server, and a unifi controller instance. I just want the peace of mind knowing I don't have to worry about going over. The larger one I need to replace my ethernetservers vps since they can't get fuse working for me and the current machine it will replace has done 600GB down/7.5TB up in the past month. So that one will definitely need unmetered.

  • If you want the peace of mind you need to set a realistic budget or lower your requirements. No provider that has bills to pay is going to give you unmetered bandwidth for $20/year let alone $10/year.

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  • I know I can get the unlimited from somewhere like quadhost so that isn't that big of a deal. Just never dealt with them.

    What would be a "reasonable" amount of transfer I could expect with these specs?

  • With your budget, most providers here will give you 1TB-2TB along with the other required specs.

    Unfortunately we can't assist you here as our cheapest VPSs are $12/year.

  • Unlimited providers will most likely have a clause in the AUP/TOS that states more than a certain amount of bandwidth is unacceptable because it is not considered "fair share". However, you can get lucky and use up bandwidth that others are not using for a few months only to be stopped later on. So it's not ideal if you want the peace of mind as you say.

    For that budget it really depends on the provider's pricing and their costs in that location, something like 500GB-1TB sounds about right.

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  • Thanks for the clarification. So with what yall are saying it sounds like I will be better off buying more of the $20/year ethernetservers vps I have since they allow 6TB/month transfer. Just wish they could fix the fuse issue.

  • I go to Hudson Valley Host for almost everything. More than happy with them. :)

  • brian777brian777 Member
    edited December 2016

    You may discuss your request to catalyst host, they had 10TB for $12 but only 128MB RAM

  • Thanks for the input ya'll. I am reevaluating this and will be posting a different thread for each service I plan to run since they will have different requirements.

  • @cheapwebdev said:
    I go to Hudson Valley Host for almost everything. More than happy with them. :)

    ..if only their website wasn't perpetually a CF 502 page or readily spamming me when I tried to open an after hours automatic chat ticket. 72 open tickets from one request asking when they'd get IPv6. I felt almost as bad for them having to clean that mess.

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