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[Cloud] Dedicated CPU w/ High CPU Bench + Hourly Billing
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[Cloud] Dedicated CPU w/ High CPU Bench + Hourly Billing

I've looked for a while now and cannot find a provider that has:

  • Dedicated CPU
  • High CPU Bench
  • Hourly Billing

Any Suggestions?


  • Vultr has a range of dedicated instances billed hourly -

  • TarZZ92TarZZ92 Member
    edited December 2016

    high cpu bench will typically be a E3 based CPU not e5. and vultr offer terrible single threat bench (they where previously a leader untill they switched to e5s)

  • Have you looked into LunaNode? They have something called "flexible plans" which bills the CPU usage seperately, and hourly of course. You may want to give it a shot.

  • williewillie Member
    edited December 2016

    Not sure what you're asking. If you want a powerful VPS with dedicated resources, OVH Public Cloud has that, up to 32 cpu threads with 120gb of ram, or 16 threads with 240gb of ram. There's also Vultr dedicated that someone mentioned. If you want a bare metal dedicated server by the hour, the only one I know is Scaleway which has relatively slow boxes. The larger AWS instances amount to single tenant servers running hypervisors and are $$$$ expensive.

    If you have enough computation to do on a regular basis, a budget monthly-billed dedicated server will cost a lot less than any of the hourly vps for more than a few days a month, and you can get some quite fast ones like the WSI 2xE5-2670's.

  • Scaleaway baremetal servers?

  • brian777 said:

    Scaleaway baremetal servers?

    They are a good deal for raw cycles but they are pretty slow, around 4000 passmark across 8 cores iirc.

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