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CloudFlare and downtime when I start using it..
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CloudFlare and downtime when I start using it..

sidahmedsidahmed Member
edited July 2011 in General


My website became inaccessible when I start using CF, but I don't know why..

Here is what I have done:
1. I created my FC account and I added the domain to it.
2. I updated NameServers at my registrar(Internetbs, which I also use their DNS services).

Immediately after that I couldn't access my site, and when I cloud later I realized that still other members can't.
and yet the error is not from CF, it just the site can't be found.

So I am confused, because if it about DNS caching, there should no be a problem, because I haven't changed the VPS!!!

So what do you think? I really appreciate any thought.

Cheers, Sidahmed


  • fanfan Veteran

    Constant attacks against CF's name servers and CDN servers is the real cause of instablity. But in your case, you should really try run ipconfig /flushdns and clear browser cache first, since it doesn't seem to be problem at CF's end.

  • yes, it is not at my VPS's end or CF's end. Because I can use it.
    But my confusion comes from the fact that my VPS is my VPS no change at all(IP, or configuration) and I used internetbs DNS services before.
    So those who cached the old DNS settings should still work. If they use the new settings or the old ones(cached or whatever), both should work.
    I really don't understand why some can't access the site.

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