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Info : Best "Free" VPS Control Panels - Page 4
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Info : Best "Free" VPS Control Panels



  • JorboxJorbox Member
    edited September 2016

    To be honest, I tried them all
    I felt that the best panel is vesta-cp but its hard and the theme cannot be easy to learn for the users, on the other hand you have sentora or kloxo are easy to learn,, but don't ask me about the security free panels are weak at this point and cannot beat cpanel except webmin its even more secure than cpanel,,

    Other alternative, ispconfig ,

  • jvnadrjvnadr Member
    edited September 2016

    @Jorbox Webmin is not a web panel, it is a server panel. Virtualmin is the web panel that fits on webmin. Virtualmin/Webmin is secure, but complex.
    Now, CPanel is not the most secure web hosting panel. But, as a paid product that is not cheap and is the industry standard nowadays, having a big security team that fix the holes soon after they have been discovered.
    VestaCP hard? On an end-user's perspective, it is probably one of the easiest panels out there.
    Last but not least, ISPconfig is not a web panel exactly. At least, not a stand alone like all others. In fact, it is just a front end for the specs that you manually install. The user has to install on his own all the elements like web server, database, security, php etc., and then, on the top of that, ISPconfig as a handler of the elements.
    ISPconfig is as secure as what you have chosen to install before, and with what security specs. So, If you do a good job installing your server and if it is secure when used by cli, then, adding ISPconfig is the same in security manner.

    Thanked by 2karjaj Mridul
  • Virtualmin/Webmin is the best in my opinion.

  • Until there's something like a free 'ansible panel' (runbook?), Virtualmin+webmin is what I'll stick with for one-off sites

  • JorboxJorbox Member
    edited September 2016

    I know the fact about webmin/virtualmin.

    What is the most secure control panel if its not cpanel?

    Vestacp hard to learn for the users becuse its not based on the stranded icons theme like cpanel.

    Ispconfig its good and there are alot of installing script for it but its not for the people who is just want to resell host..

    In the end if you get cpanel you get a panel with very old history and it's updating frequently and you can find plug-ins for anything,,

  • Liveconfig. Not free though.

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    have you tried the virtualmin? you will be able to install the csf firewall and change the ports.

    I personally tried the Vestacp, Ispconfig, centos-webpanel and I didn't like them compare to virtualmin or webmin.

  • @Malin , you here? Welcome bro :)

  • Very useful info for starters in this industry. Will help this topic. Make it live

  • @jvnadr said:
    Apart from security concerns about Sentora, there is another issue: it is almost abandoned, because there are no active developers to the project and the couple of guys that are trying to keep it alive, do not have the knowledge to code and move forward this panel.
    So, it seems that it goes slowly to death, because of no interest from coders (although there is an active community and a lot of users). Pitty, because if some capable devs could clean the code and actively do some work to secure it and patch it quickly after a hole is discovered, it is a really great control panel for the end user.
    It is one of the few panels that do not run on specific port but to port 80, making it great for nat vps without changing the configuration, has nice features out of the box, it is very easy with a lot of specs and a big database of plugins and themes that make it much more flexible than Vesta or others...
    Oh, and as a lot of people say, it is a security hole for a server...

    You can always secure it yourself, after all that's what open source is all about, contributing to the community somehow. You can change the port easily, but the port is irrelevant because any kid with angryIP scanner or nmap can find out the port. But still you can edit the .htaccess for the panel and restrict access based on IP or add an extra security layer by using the Apache password protected directory. Then you can install ufw (Debian), csf (CentOS) or fail2ban and likewise to mitigate attacks and so on.
    The fact that vestaCP runs on port 8083 doesn't make it more secure than Sentora or Froxlor.

  • virtualmin is the best imo. it may look complicated / weird especially if you are coming from cpanel, but it's not as complicated as it may seem. install it, play around with it and I bet you will like it.

    webuzo free version is pretty useless. no nginx support, no letsencrypt, also they added lots of icons there, but when you click on them you will get the "this feature is only for paid version". I mean WTF?

    Vestacp is okay, pretty easy to install, it's just I like virtualmin better

    Sentora & Kloxo (Not MR) - forget about them, not secure plus the projects are dead

    Kloxo MR - I used to install kloxo on a 128mb vps and worked perfectly fine. Tried installed kloxo MR and never worked, so I don't know.

    ISPconfig is ... I don't know how to describe it. Before installing ISPconfig you'll have to pretty much install every single component like php, mysql etc. I mean the reason why we need cp is because it will handle those "dirty" work for us.

  • sentora is not dead

  • I came to love virtualmin and admin the first time I used it and it worked for me. Still for some strange reason I love to play with it but as I am not a server admin I am always scared some thing goes wrong and I can not fix it :)

  • The backup module in virtualmin is a very useful tool and has saved our skin more times that enough.

    We are starting to use nginx now with Debian Jessie, virtualmin, php7, MariaDB. I would appreciate any advice on this setup as we are reasonably new to nginx.

    We mostly host wordpress sites and with just an out of the box setup it runs well. Also playing around with EasyEngine and thats nice but I miss the virtualmin backup module.

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