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Help us tagline/name, and win a free yearly VPS
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Help us tagline/name, and win a free yearly VPS

lele0108lele0108 Member
edited November 2012 in General

We're looking for some taglines for our new website that's in the works, and I can't think of anything (horrible with tags/names). Looking for some help from the community.

Main tag lines (for our hosting solution as a whole) should be about 3 words (following the 3 word tag marketing scheme here). Examples:

Complex made simple (iWeb)

Built to scale (MediaTemple)
Move with (mt) (MediaTemple)
Technology turned on (MediaTemple)
Brilliance has no limits neither do we (Bitcable)

We are offering the follow products. We need taglines for all of them as well. Creative names for them would be great (ex. Grid Hosting, Dedicated Virtual, etc.)

Dedicated Servers

Cloud Hosting
App Servers
VPS Hosting
Shared Hosting

Taglines for these should be around 3 words, but awesome ones that are a bit longer are fine. Examples can be seen on MediaTemple's product pages.

If we use your tagline/name, we'll throw you a free 128MB, 30GB, 500GB VPS for a year to say thanks.




  • Ahhhhhhh! More storage offers. :)

  • Minecraft - Build your blocks upon ours


  • Moar Power!

  • CloudRunner - Own Your Cloud.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    VortexUnit - Get sucked into our trap.

    Unfortunately, as you can see I'm totally crap, so good luck.

  • lele0108lele0108 Member
    edited November 2012

    @justinb love it, will PM you if we use it

    @peppr sounds more like a company name than a product name, doesn't describe it well either.

    @infinity Haha, I suck with tags as well ._.

  • jarjar Patron Provider

    Vortex - Leave Britney alone!

  • wroxwrox Member
    edited November 2012

    Dedicated Servers (Dedicated Servers):

    • [Raw] power at [your] fingertips.

    Cloud Hosting (Cloud Hosting):

    • Be hosted everywhere.

    App Servers (App Hosting):

    • Serve your needs.

    VPS Hosting (Virtual Servers):

    • Scale your enviroment.

    Shared Hosting (Hosting):

    • Reach out easily.

    Storage (Storage Hosting):

    • Act safe. Store safe.

    Minecraft (Minecraft Hosting):

    • No flying squids.
      (joke aside: Build and be satisified.)

    I don't know about the names, since they mostly already are great and if named else might delude customers into thinking that you are not quite serving what they originally were looking for - unless someone comes up with really great, but still recognizable names.

  • Minecraft hosting deployed one chunk at a time.

  • VortexUnit: Quickening the Flow

  • @Zen Haha, real words only :D

    @wrox Interesting, but we want our taglines to sound "smart", or to the point, without obviousness. :C

    @wdq Sorry, justin beat you in this

    @craigb Interesting, but not sure how it's related to us.

  • TLC, Tender, Loving, Care

  • @lele0108 I looked up dictionary definition of Vortex then asked myself "what would a Vortex Unit do?" (the gaming link is known and reflects your history but you're now offering more). Flow is related to Vortex and the desirable state of working "in the zone"...and so the hope is your "unit" (team) and services help us quicken our flow :).

  • MC:

    Crafted with care
    Build on our firm foundations

  • Vortexunit - Safer than Chicagovps.

    Too soon? Ok I will get my coat...

  • Dedicated Servers: "Limitless power and flexibility."
    Cloud Hosting: "Hosting that grows with you."
    Shared Hosting: "Just add content."
    Storage: "Jesus saves. So do we."

  • Again, you should use TLC,
    Tender (soft customer service)
    Loving (sincere fond of clients)
    Care (clients are safe with us)

  • @lele0108 said: we want our taglines to sound "smart",

    emm emm emm...

    Vortex Cloud - Spread your Servers, Smarter...
    Vortex VPS - Smarter Virtual Assets.
    Vortex Servers - Smart is now Smarter
    Vortex MC - The choice of smart gamers ;)

  • @ihatetonyy @peppr

    Interesting ones, if I use any one of them, I'll PM you guys.

  • Vortex Galaxy :D

  • Intelligent hosting, simplified.

  • Dedicated Servers - Powerful servers simplified
    Cloud Hosting - Flexibility on budget
    App Servers -
    VPS Hosting -
    Shared Hosting -
    Storage - Data taken seriously
    Minecraft - Where your blocks rock!

    will think again later

    1. Enter the Vortex
    2. Let us suck you in
    3. Spinning it up
    4. The spinning Vortex of deals
    5. Powered by the Vortex
    6. Tele-porting you to a better place
  • @24khost said: Enter the Vortex

  • 24khost24khost Member
    edited November 2012

    thanks BronzeByte.

    @lele0108 I don't need the vps though.

  • The Vortex you are looking for

  • "The Intelligent Infrastructure".

  • "No Griefing - just Winning!" (sorry, couldn't resist)

  • Dedicated Servers - You pay, we provide :p
    Cloud Hosting - You build, we spread
    App Servers - You app, we serve
    VPS Hosting - You rock, we back (you)
    Shared Hosting - You work, we care
    Storage - You up (upload), we save
    Minecraft - You craft, we keep

    my try...

  • @tridinebandim

    Interesting, I do like the you concept. Considering for one of the services.

    Thought of this myself for our dedicated services:

    "Bow down to the king"

    Backed by this badass image:


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