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Review: Great Value in North America
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Review: Great Value in North America

JoeMeritJoeMerit Veteran
edited June 2012 in Reviews

I recently bought a LFC-256 plan from LFCVPS after seeing that they were offering double ram and bandwidth and a nice 35% off in addition. This gave me a 512MB Xen VPS with 4 cores, 20GB of storage and 600GB bandwidth and IPV6 for $5.17 a month.

Most of my VPS are inexpensive (averaging $1.75/mth ) but I like to keep 1 beefier VPS in the $5-7 range to operate as a VPN Server, IRC client/bnc server with plenty of power leftover to tinker and play around with. I was testing a couple widely known VPS in this range but was hoping the LFCVPS would work out for me because it offers so much more power, storage and features than these others I had.

For example:
4 Cores vs 1
20GB storage vs 5-10GB
512MB of ram vs 256 (or 512 at slightly higher price point)
Daily Backups vs none
IPV4&IPV6 auto rdns vs manual ipv4 rdns (and no ipv6 rdns or no ipv6 at all)

My main concern was going to be that the increased latency/distance on LFCVPS would mean that my experience over the VPN server would not be as good as the much closer servers I was also testing. (Chicago and Eastern US servers are 20 30ms away - LFCVPS in Denver, CO is a good 60ms away) - However this did not turn out to be the case, I have had no problems and get my full bandwidth through the VPN tunnel and have no problems with streaming HQ video through it.

If you want to see bandwidth and disk benchmarks, these were done in a recent review by another user and even though I am on a different node, much of the results are highly similar. Disk IO is always good and the network is pretty decent even though the majority (90% at least) goes over Cogent - I have noticed no stability problems with the network, but i've noticed the speed tests aren't as impressive as some of the other VPS i've tested and this is probably due to it not being in a major market like Chicago where there is tons of peering and CDNs nearby. Perhaps this is the trade off though, much more powerful server but network speeds not as great - I'll take it though. (and by not so great I mean still very good, just nothing exceptional but mostly at least 100mbit with some stuff flying in the 200-300mbit range and then full gigabit on local stuff like the local linux mirror run by FDC.)

I'd recommend it because I get lots of power , lots of fast storage, automated daily backups and auto RDNS control over ipv4 and ipv6 and its Xen too.

Also worth mentioning is that the support team on IRC is very helpful (#LFCVPS on freenode), I have yet to use their ticketing system but I imagine they are good there as well.

-J O E M E R I T


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