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VPS Request for PHP project

VPS Request for PHP project

Shane_ElmoreShane_Elmore Member
edited September 2012 in Industry News


I am going to be hosting a few PHP projects I may be working on, such as a forum software and whatever else comes to mind. Here is what I am asking for:

XEN or KVM (ugh OpenVZ, its alright but annoys me) 20-40GB HDD 1TB bandwidth at least 256mb RAM (up to 768mb burst, whatever is realistic) Midwest US location (or east coast US) CPU doesn't really matter but I would like at least 2 cores.

Price would be around $8-10 a month. Like said earlier, I am going to work on a few PHP projects so all I'd be really running is a LAMP stack (sans the Apache, and replaced with Nginx) ;).

Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress


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