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Provider Poll 2023 - The Results
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Provider Poll 2023 - The Results

FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire
edited January 30 in Announcements

Finally the moment we are all waiting for, the poll result for Provider Poll 2023!

Thanks for participating and congratulations to all the winners! I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks to all the sponsors for sponsoring those great prizes, especially all the top prizes. In addition, thanks to @angstrom for helping me to inform those ineligible voters.

Original thread:


Top Provider Award

Rank Provider Votes
1 MXRoute - @jar 106
2 Crunchbits - @crunchbits 103
3 GreenCloudVPS - @NDTN 91
RackNerd - @dustinc 91
5 HostHatch - @hosthatch 67
6 BuyVM / BuyShared - @Francisco 48
7 Hetzner - @Hetzner_OL 38
8 HostBrr - @labze 37
9 Clouvider / Inception Hosting - @Clouvider @AnthonySmith 34
10 Server-Factory - @mxmla 22

Rank 11+
Rank Provider Votes
11 HostSlick 20
12 LiteServer 19
13 OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi 17
14 AdvinServers 14
PHP-Friends / Avoro 14
16 Fiberstate 13
ServaRICA 13
18 Interserver 12
MYW 12
Terrahost 12
AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS 11
Incognet 11
PulsedMedia 11
Naranjatech 10
Alwyzon 9
SpeedyPage 9
ExtraVM 8
HostCram 8
HostSlim / VPSSlim 8
WebHorizon 8
ZeptoVM / 8 7
iHostArt 6
ColoCrossing 5
HetrixTools 5 / 5
Netcup 5
ReliableSite 5
DataIdeas / RPIServers 4
Gullo's Hosting 4
Limewave Communications 4
SpartanHost 4
V.PS / xTom 4
v6Node 4
C1vHosting 3
CloudCone 3
George Datacenter 3
Hivelocity 3
Hosteons 3
HXServers 3
LevelOneServers 3
LittleCreekHosting 3
Oplink 3
SmartHost 3
STHosting 3
VirMach 3
WebHosting24 3
1GServers 2
BeroHost 2
Cloudie 2
CrownCloud 2
Evolution Host 2
GTHost 2
Hosteroid 2
HostSolutions 2
Hybula 2
Kuroit 2
Oracle Cloud 2
PebbleHost 2
QuickPacket 2
RamNode 2
ScaleBlade 2
SiliCloud 2
Tier 2
TNAHosting 2
WisHosting 2
Worldstream 2
ZappieHost 2
Aeza 1
AlbaHost 1
Amazon 1
ApisCP / Hostineer 1
Balhost 1
Brixly 1
Contabo 1
EthernetServers 1
F4 Networks 1
FAT32 1
FlowVPS 1 1
FractionServers 1
FreeRangeCloud 1
FreeVPS 1
GetServers 1
Ginernet 1
Greenhost 1
Host-C 1
Hostdare 1
Hostodo 1
Hypere 1
JustHosting 1 1
LetBox 1
Limitless Hosting 1
Linveo 1
LowHosting 1
MetalVPS 1
Mevspace 1
MicroLXC 1
Microtronix 1
MyLoc 1
Namecheap 1
Netdynamics24 1
Nikola Jokić 1
ProHosting24 1
Psychz 1
PureVoltage 1
Quadranet 1
QuantumCore 1
Rackspace 1
RansomIT 1
ReadyDedis 1
Repuc 1
RoyaleHosting 1
Scaleway / 1
SilverCreek 1
SolidSeoVPS 1
SSDNodes 1
StarryDNS 1
Tzulo 1 1
Virtono 1
VPSDime 1
Vultr 1

Most Reliable Provider

Rank Provider Votes
1 MXRoute - @jar 32
2 Hetzner - @Hetzner_OL 29
3 RackNerd - @dustinc 26
4 GreenCloudVPS - @NDTN 20
5 Crunchbits - @crunchbits 18

Rank 6+
Rank Provider Votes
6 HostHatch 17
7 BuyVM / BuyShared 16
8 Clouvider / Inception Hosting 14
9 LiteServer 6
OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi 6
Server-Factory 6
ZeptoVM / 6
HetrixTools 5
HostBrr 5
PHP-Friends / Avoro 5
SpartanHost 4
SpeedyPage 4
AdvinServers 3
AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS 3
Fiberstate 3
iHostArt 3
V.PS / xTom 3
Alwyzon 2
CloudCone 2
ColoCrossing 2
ExtraVM 2 2
HostCram 2
HostSlick 2
Interserver 2
Netcup 2
Oplink 2
Oracle Cloud 2
QuickPacket 2
ServaRICA 2
v6Node 2
WebHorizon 2
1GServers 1
Amazon 1
DataIdeas / RPIServers 1
DrServer 1
EthernetServers 1 1
Ginernet 1
Hivelocity 1
Hostdare 1
HostSlim / VPSSlim 1
HostSolutions 1
HXServers 1
Inleed 1
JustHosting 1
Limewave Communications 1
LittleCreekHosting 1
LowHosting 1
Namecheap 1
Naranjatech 1
PureVoltage 1
RansomIT 1
ReliableSite 1
RoyaleHosting 1
ShockHosting 1
Terrahost 1
Tier 1
TNAHosting 1
TornadoVPS 1
Tzulo 1 1
Virtono 1
VPSDime 1
Vultr 1
Worldstream 1

Congrats to @jar MXRoute for getting both the Top Provider and Most Reliable Provider Award! Your email hosting &&& service is liked by a lot of community members here.

In addition to that, @crunchbits is also one of the new top providers this year, congratulation for obtaining the "Top Host" tag! The moment this thread is out the tag should be reflected.

Now the moment where most of us are excited, the lottery prizes! Take a look and see whether you are in the list :)


1. MXRoute - 1 x Steam Deck 512GB OLED by @jar ⭐ [1]


2. George Datacenter - 1 x Nintendo Switch Lite by @georgedatacenter ⭐ [2]


3. MXRoute - 1 x Ringconn Smart Ring by @jar ⭐ [3]


4. RackNerd - 1 x MOREFINE M8S Mini PC, Intel 12th N100 (up to 3.4GHz) Mini Computer Windows 11 Pro with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM/512G M.2 NVME SSD by @dustinc ⭐ [4]


5. FiberState - 1 x $200 Amazon eGift Cards by @fiberstate ⭐ [5]


6. Interserver - 5 x $100 Amazon eGift Cards by @interservermike ⭐ [6-10]

@spiritlhl @jason5545 @Hosteroid @Salomon123 @zhi

7. PulsedMedia - 10 x 150€ Account Credit by @PulsedMedia ⭐ [11-20]

@BruhGamer12 @Weirdjey @BettySun @Patriarch @Cam @hyena56 @reizhi @ArrowBoi @puerklint @mhn

8. RackNerd - 2 x TCL 32-Inch Class S3 1080p LED Smart TV with Fire TV (32S350F, 2023 Model) by @dustinc⭐ [21-22]

@Cabbage @default

9. VPSSLIM - 5 x 100€ Account Credit by @VPSSLIM ⭐ [23-27]

@babywhale @angstrom @sayyiku @Vextro @Arirang

10. Hivelocity - 1 x $100 Account Credit by @Hivelocity_Sales ⭐ [28]


11. TerraHost - 5 x Core i5, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, 50TB Bandwidth Dedicated Server for 1 year (renews at $49/m) by @terrahost ⭐ [29-33]

@fan @abiaolaoge @Andrews @icry @themew

12. Dedispec - 1 x $100 Account Credit by @Dedispec ⭐ [34]


13. VPSSLIM - 1 x Intel Xeon E-2124G, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, Unmetered Bandwidth Dedicated Server for 6 months by @VPSSLIM ⭐ [35]


14. HostCram - 1 x Ryzen KVM-8G VPS for 1 year by @Shakib ⭐ [36]


15. Host-C - 1 x 12TB Storage VPS by @host_c ⭐ [37]


16. PulsedMedia - 10 x M10G 10Gbps SSD 660G Seedboxes for 1 Year by @PulsedMedia ⭐ [38-47]

@bdl @Levi @hapkido @harrison @API @ehab @emperor @nvme @sitss @totally_not_banned

17. Host-C - 1 x 6TB Storage VPS by @host_c ⭐ [48]


18. Bakker-IT - 4 x 4GB RAM VPS in The Netherlands by @RickBakkr [49-52]

@Crab @varwww @0xC7 @maverick

19. CubeData - 2 x Lifetime License by @cubedata [53-54]

@SwordfishBE @eris

20. Dedispec - 2 x $50 Account Credit by @Dedispec [55-56]

@ElonBezos @nick_

21. Dedispec - 5 x $20 Account Credit by @Dedispec [57-61]

@nyamenk @bustersg @khajiit @alexvolk @uhu

22. Ginernet - 50 x €10 Account Credit by @jmginer [62-111]

@DanSummer @Falzo @MissFortune @niceboy @nagasaki_castella @bangudopw @GreenRuby @emg88 @Ed_Chd @nillyhan @Shakib @Shamli @haolun @chakraxzz @rjbl @fazar @giang @xyzzz @corbpie @chitree @dev_vps @HackedServer @Teko @pedagang @titus @bbass @jackalblood @dedicados @labrax @op23 @Azenot @plumberg @DataRecovery @Razza @Lutung @ScreenReader @oriend @doghouch @ariq01 @emgh @adwsislife @paijrut @mbug @sh97 @blackeye @jmaxwell @kait @akaemu @Captainbalu @spiderhr

23. GreenCloudVPS - 5 x 2222 plan for 1 year in available locations by @NDTN [112-116]

@htop @commercial @ptreja @shelfchair @AWITM

24. GreenCloudVPS - 10 x $20 account credit by @NDTN [117-126]

@ZA_capetown @xauser @wedge1001 @1allen @stephanuk @Porlam @suut @jugganuts @Carlin0 @Pilzbaum

25. Hivelocity - 2 x Hivelocity Swag Box by @Hivelocity_Sales [127-128]

@wa44io4 @dav848

26. Host-C - 1 x 4TB Storage VPS by @host_c [129]


27. HostCram - 3 x Ryzen Killer-1C VPS for 1 year by @Shakib [130-132]

@hostnoob @abtdw @cmeerw

28. HostCram - 10 x $10 HostCram Account Credit (+ $100 donation to Global Fund for Children) by @Shakib [133-142]

@Sanjue007 @pixexid @skorous @raza19 @unfortunately @six @bgerard @Jos @host_c @Dazzle

29. Hyperhost Solutions - 5 x 25GB Web Hosting + 10GB Mailbox for 1 year by @Jasonhyperhost [143-147]

@air4x @eliphas @remy @Effervescence @crunchbits

30. Ikihost - 5 x $20 Account Credit by @IKIHOST [148-152]

@hoseajsap @AXYZE @r4h156 @fatchan @Zreind

31. Ikihost - 5 x KVM 2GB VPS for 4 months by @IKIHOST [153-157]

@MallocVoidstar @the_doctor @Aquatis_Joseph @Samidare @kaz050457

32. Limitless Hosting - 2 x 512MB RAM IPv6 VPS for 1 year by @Lampard [158-159]

@taoqiKO @JabJab

33. Limitless Hosting - 5 x Small Reseller Hosting in EU for 1 year by @Lampard [160-164]

@ailice @atroxz @codelock @zGato @robohost

34. Limitless Hosting - 10 x Limitless Shared Hosting in EU for 1 year by @Lampard [165-174]

@Ne0x @exception0x876 @donko @vbloods @lorian @kennsann @AlanV @dev077 @georgedatacenter @BradMcA

35. Meegie - 5 x 2GB NAT VPS for 1 year by @BasToTheMax [175-179]

@cochon @FatGrizzly @rogerwilco @pwned @derekyang

36. MXRoute - 1 x Fitbit Inspire 3 by @jar [180]


37. MXRoute - 1 x Personalized shout out from Chris Hansen by @jar [181]


38. MXRoute - 2 x $25 Amazon eGift Cards by @jar [182-183]

@Smigit @luissousa

39. MXRoute - 2 x MXRoute T-Shirts by @jar [184-185]

@NHNHNH000 @gsea4

40. MXRoute - 5 x 10GB Lifetime mail plan by @jar [186-190]

@Acacy @rm_ @GetParanoid @PhantomPain @hyperblast

41. MXRoute - 5 x MXRoute Stickers by @jar [191-195]

@zakkuuno @rober7 @Doo @neverain @MMzF

42. PulsedMedia - 5 x M1000 1Gbps SSD 230G Seedboxes for 3 months by @PulsedMedia [196-200]

@JerryHou @quicksilver03 @yoursunny @Caztiel @grooveuser

43. PulsedMedia - 15 x M1000 Raid5 2TB Seedboxes for 3 months by @PulsedMedia [201-215]

@verl20 @daffy @nullnothere @inspain @james50a @BBTN @fluffernutter @MooCowGalaxy @SinSiXX @Naomii @yokowasis @dosai @risturiz @darkimmortal @kalimov622

44. PulsedMedia - 40 x M10G 10Gbps SSD 455G Seedboxes for 3 months by @PulsedMedia [216-255]

@Izax @tra10000 @i4P1 @Andy10tbit @Hakim @TrK @DigiGoon @tjn @supremasi @raindog308 @fendix @nullptr @Kris @bench @nezam05 @tototo @anrikaz @natural @vedran @_MS_ @Hax @JasonM @kvz12 @qeba @kheng86 @Erisa @ofit @lala_th @Franzkafka @MrEd @Koh @skorupion @sillycat @BasToTheMax @alvaro @niranjan @COLBYLICIOUS @amj @tronyx @Wicked

45. RackNerd - 1 x Elgato Facecam - 1080p60 Webcam by @dustinc [256]


46. RackNerd - 5 x Hexagon Wall Lights with Remote by @dustinc [257-261]

@loay @jwg29859 @mike1s @rattlecattle @sdsbirdman

47. RackNerd - 5 x RackNerd Branded Swiss Gear Backpacks + Stickers and RackNerd pens by @dustinc [262-266]

@ahnlak @adilolv @aj_potc @1q1 @JoeMerit

48. RackNerd - 5 x RackNerd Flexfit Hats by @dustinc [267-271]

@bert @sonic @kashon @udonworld @Raj9119

49. RackNerd - 5 x RackNerd Keychains (leather) by @dustinc [272-276]

@SocksAreComfortable @Moopah @listerine90 @PieHasBeenEaten @Astro

50. RackNerd - 10 x $10 Account Credit by @dustinc [277-286]

@user123 @MMMMMM @Idling @ascicode @noisycode @Deepak_leb @neoh @Xrmaddness @nulled @linuxglobe

51. RackNerd - 10 x $10 Amazon eGift Cards by @dustinc [287-296]

@jcolideles @anda @SillyGoose @Decicus @jlet88 @rostovod @gbzret4d @mrs92 @Ganonk @atomi

52. RackNerd - 10 x $10 Cash sent via Venmo by @dustinc [297-306]

@balramm @brueggus @FrankZ @Jord @caracal @soulchief @meditatingsurgeon @doublesquare @myshahrul @rcy026

53. RackNerd - 10 x $10 Starbucks eGift Cards by @dustinc [307-316]

@itsdeadjim @Daniel15 @darkh0rse @gemini90 @spywork @FairShare @jh @FAT32 @ask_seek_knock @tenpera

54. RackNerd - 10 x 1.2GB Ryzen 7950X VPS for 1 year by @dustinc [317-326]

@xNEO @Jackma1 @zrj766 @FlorinMarian @webcraft @Harambe @drunkendog @faleddo @Nyr @MrLime

55. RackNerd - 10 x 1GB KVM VPS for 1 year by @dustinc [327-336]

@kendid @cgs3238 @foitin @lq9x @lovelyserver @jahrinc @rattlecattle @BasToTheMax @nulled @qeba

56. RackNerd - 10 x Shared Hosting 40GB for 1 year by @dustinc [337-346]

@Smigit @fan @gdnotme @kait @MissFortune @bangudopw @hostnoob @opshk @Erisa @Moopah

57. RackNerd - 10 x RackNerd Coffee Mugs + Stickers + RackNerd Chocolate by @dustinc [347-356]

@fendix @Ed_Chd @raza19 @emperor @Shakib @themew @dosai @API @bgerard @haolun

58. RackNerd - 10 x RackNerd Gaming Mousepad + Stickers + Pens + RackNerd Chocolate by @dustinc [357-366]

@skorupion @rogerwilco @codelock @jackalblood @quicksilver03 @BruhGamer12 @chitree @donko @yokowasis @reizhi

59. RackNerd - 10 x RackNerd T-Shirts by @dustinc [367-376]

@maverick @pwned @emg88 @tra10000 @kalimov622 @MooCowGalaxy @Pilzbaum @MannDude @jcolideles @sillycat

60. RCloudSystems - 250 x RCloudSystems 9 App Licenses for 3 months [377-626]

MrEd nyamenk linuxglobe Hax mhn babywhale ehab MallocVoidstar bench TimRoo rm_ nvme bdl Teko tototo faleddo sdsbirdman spywork kendid cybertech Hosteroid Deepak_leb 0xC7 cochon Falzo johnflp916 Shamli niranjan fluffernutter uhu Aquatis_Joseph JerryHou alexvolk jwg29859 itsdeadjim host_c derekyang TrK Nyr abtdw chakraxzz Effervescence jh PieHasBeenEaten Ivan kennsann caracal JoeMerit Weirdjey giang robohost noob404 Zreind Vextro SinSiXX harrison rcy026 Crab GreenRuby Franzkafka zhi nick_ FairShare zrj766 PhantomPain op23 Jord hyena56 meditatingsurgeon Captainbalu bustersg stephanuk skorous cgs3238 ascicode unfortunately Idling Arirang plumberg inspain air4x gemini90 Koh akaemu jugganuts six Acacy mike1s SillyGoose Ne0x xyzzz Harambe gtxr mbug pedagang doghouch Ganonk paijrut khajiit nillyhan Caztiel Andrews ScreenReader lovelyserver xauser tenpera myshahrul _MS_ bert nagasaki_castella Jos user123 Naomii lala_th nullnothere kaz050457 Daniel15 Salomon123 yoursunny daffy ZA_capetown corbpie risturiz Chalipa Astro DigiGoon foitin bbass eliphas dedicados dev_vps alvaro rostovod georgedatacenter balramm Decicus eris shelfchair loay BettySun atomi Xrmaddness suut i4P1 gsea4 ahnlak Cam shruub Izax zGato HackedServer MMMMMM rjbl 1q1 nullptr taoqiKO ArrowBoi rober7 natural anda Porlam fatchan jahrinc abiaolaoge brueggus Jackma1 ariq01 1allen Azenot tjn remy darkimmortal JasonM ask_seek_knock sitss raindog308 sonic anrikaz xNEO FlorinMarian Levi udonworld vbloods neverain AXYZE DanSummer neoh nezam05 ofit default spiderhr Raj9119 pixexid tronyx MrLime Wicked forces exception0x876 hyperblast SocksAreComfortable luissousa spiritlhl BBTN DataRecovery cmeerw Kris lorian niceboy adwsislife labrax hoseajsap aj_potc james50a totally_not_banned messisgoat grooveuser crunchbits Samidare blackeye soulchief emgh jason5545 adilolv ailice noisycode Hakim puerklint lq9x umzak doublesquare varwww dav848 angstrom Dazzle fazar MMzF Razza NHNHNH000 jlet88 jmaxwell darkh0rse AlanV Lutung Doo supremasi Andy10tbit dev077 zakkuuno sayyiku Carlin0

61. SolidSeoVPS - 2 x $50 Amazon Gift Card by @SolidSeoVPS [627-628]

@drunkendog @COLBYLICIOUS

62. SolidSeoVPS - 2 x 32GB Dedicated Server for 3 months by @SolidSeoVPS [629-630]

@htop @ptreja

63. SolidSeoVPS - 5 x EPYC 16GB VPS for 6 months by @SolidSeoVPS [631-635]

@atroxz @DeadlyChemist @gbzret4d @mrs92 @wa44io4

64. v6Node - 5 x 10€ Account Credit for Cloud by @v3ng [636-640]

@BradMcA @FrankZ @webcraft @ElonBezos @SwordfishBE

65. VPSSLIM - 10 x Reseller Hosting Starter for 1 year by @VPSSLIM [641-650]

@wedge1001 @Cabbage @verl20 @Patriarch @vedran @kashon @FAT32 @icry @JabJab @FatGrizzly

66. VPSSLIM - 10 x Shared Hosting Starter for 1 year by @VPSSLIM [651-660]

@GetParanoid @amj @AWITM @sh97 @r4h156 @commercial @Sanjue007 @kvz12 @kheng86 @listerine90

67. WisHosting - 5 x $20 Account Credit by @exception0x876 [661-665]

@oriend @titus @the_doctor @hapkido @BettySun

68. Worldbus - 5 x $50 Account Credit for 10Gbps service by @worldbus [666-670]

@r4h156 @jwg29859 @raza19 @lq9x @atroxz


echo -n "Jarland went Steamy! A Steam Deck 512GB OLED will be given away to the lucky one." | shasum -a 256
const seedrandom = require('seedrandom');

const MAGIC_SEED = 'Jarland went Steamy! A Steam Deck 512GB OLED will be given away to the lucky one.';
const ALL_USERS = ['_MS_','johnflp916','daffy','webcraft','sillycat','lovelyserver','JabJab','kait','remy','Andrews','MannDude','risturiz','icry','Moopah','cmeerw','SocksAreComfortable','Carlin0','georgedatacenter','brueggus','Harambe','jmaxwell','tra10000','SwordfishBE','Decicus','spywork','Razza','MooCowGalaxy','yoursunny','raza19','jackalblood','rober7','Shakib','MMMMMM','kheng86','Arirang','dedicados','rjbl','Zreind','blackeye','cgs3238','nyamenk','API','Idling','spiritlhl','cybertech','Teko','chakraxzz','Xrmaddness','Smigit','xyzzz','abiaolaoge','zhi','FatGrizzly','default','tototo','dosai','paijrut','nulled','giang','GetParanoid','BBTN','darkimmortal','loay','i4P1','sh97','SinSiXX','udonworld','codelock','ElonBezos','Vextro','Naomii','suut','babywhale','pedagang','khajiit','abtdw','mike1s','user123','NHNHNH000','hyena56','reizhi','nick_','six','niranjan','pixexid','op23','harrison','Porlam','Erisa','dev077','grooveuser','darkh0rse','JerryHou','doghouch','Wicked','1allen','ehab','rattlecattle','FrankZ','doublesquare','Deepak_leb','yokowasis','lq9x','Ivan','Hakim','bench','ailice','commercial','jwg29859','jahrinc','TrK','nullptr','BettySun','Effervescence','tjn','Falzo','atomi','ask_seek_knock','derekyang','skorupion','dav848','neoh','Dazzle','Doo','Nyr','angstrom','alvaro','Levi','gsea4','amj','fazar','DanSummer','taoqiKO','Lutung','TimRoo','akaemu','wa44io4','SillyGoose','adilolv','oriend','ArrowBoi','FairShare','james50a','myshahrul','Jord','rostovod','COLBYLICIOUS','zrj766','MrEd','fluffernutter','crunchbits','verl20','skorous','Astro','shruub','tenpera','titus','1q1','alexvolk','umzak','gbzret4d','emgh','bdl','corbpie','bgerard','emg88','luissousa','bert','ariq01','Crab','Acacy','AXYZE','JasonM','nullnothere','ofit','kendid','FlorinMarian','nvme','gdnotme','lala_th','Salomon123','host_c','bustersg','lorian','neverain','noisycode','gemini90','foitin','Samidare','Patriarch','Azenot','chitree','Weirdjey','jcolideles','niceboy','Aquatis_Joseph','air4x','mrs92','eliphas','quicksilver03','puerklint','drunkendog','gtxr','AlanV','Chalipa','xNEO','supremasi','kennsann','jlet88','kashon','wedge1001','Ed_Chd','opshk','Koh','hoseajsap','Captainbalu','Caztiel','DigiGoon','itsdeadjim','Hosteroid','balramm','tronyx','BruhGamer12','exception0x876','fatchan','faleddo','Jos','qeba','varwww','Franzkafka','noob404','GreenRuby','dev_vps','nezam05','r4h156','kalimov622','Daniel15','raindog308','robohost','aj_potc','Hax','the_doctor','Shamli','cochon','bbass','uhu','mhn','zGato','totally_not_banned','soulchief','Cam','shelfchair','hapkido','JoeMerit','rm_','kaz050457','rogerwilco','sonic','HackedServer','ScreenReader','MrLime','Ne0x','BasToTheMax','linuxglobe','eris','Izax','haolun','fendix','htop','MissFortune','Sanjue007','PieHasBeenEaten','DeadlyChemist','meditatingsurgeon','messisgoat','BradMcA','ptreja','donko','kvz12','hyperblast','ahnlak','spiderhr','ZA_capetown','caracal','atroxz','hostnoob','Kris','Ganonk','Cabbage','rcy026','vedran','AWITM','adwsislife','maverick','Pilzbaum','Andy10tbit','jugganuts','xauser','anda','pwned','sitss','Raj9119','sayyiku','Jackma1','nillyhan','anrikaz','nagasaki_castella','plumberg','emperor','natural','MMzF','jason5545','sdsbirdman','fan','forces','vbloods','listerine90','ascicode','themew','labrax','jh','PhantomPain','mbug','inspain','MallocVoidstar','0xC7','bangudopw','unfortunately','stephanuk','FAT32','zakkuuno','DataRecovery'];
const PRIZE_COUNT = 622;

// Find winners
const rng = seedrandom(MAGIC_SEED + '_' + ALL_USERS.length + '_' + HIGH_VALUE_PRIZE_COUNT + '_' + PRIZE_COUNT);
let allWinners = [];

while (prizeLeft > 0) {
  let winners = => ({ username: user, rand: rng() }));
  winners.sort((a, b) => a.rand - b.rand);
  winners = winners.slice(0, prizeLeft);
  winners = => selected.username);
  allWinners = allWinners.concat(winners);
  prizeLeft -= winners.length;

// Output


  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    Raw Votes (Part 1)

    Username Vote 1 Vote 2 Vote 3 Most Reliable
    _MS_ HostSlick GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HetrixTools
    johnflp916 HostSlick AdvinServers GreenCloudVPS AdvinServers
    daffy Crunchbits Clouvider / Inception Hosting ZeptoVM / ZeptoVM /
    webcraft Clouvider / Inception Hosting HostHatch / Alwyzon
    sillycat HostSlick HostBrr Crunchbits HostSlick
    lovelyserver RackNerd HostBrr MYW RackNerd
    JabJab Terrahost Server-Factory GreenCloudVPS LowHosting
    kait Crunchbits MXRoute HostSlick Crunchbits
    remy HostHatch GreenCloudVPS BeroHost GreenCloudVPS
    Andrews LiteServer BuyVM / BuyShared C1vHosting
    ObViper AdvinServers MXRoute PulsedMedia MXRoute
    MannDude BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits Worldstream Worldstream
    jar* Incognet QuickPacket Crunchbits QuickPacket
    isaacl MXRoute Hivelocity AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS MXRoute
    ferrisakl RackNerd RackNerd
    risturiz GreenCloudVPS HostHatch MXRoute TNAHosting
    icry HostHatch HostBrr Naranjatech HostHatch
    Moopah Fiberstate 1GServers Server-Factory iHostArt
    cmeerw / AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS GreenCloudVPS Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    SocksAreComfortable Crunchbits MXRoute RackNerd HostHatch
    Carlin0 SpeedyPage / SiliCloud SpeedyPage
    georgedatacenter Tier Clouvider / Inception Hosting Fiberstate Tier
    brueggus Alwyzon ZeptoVM / ServaRICA LiteServer
    Harambe QuickPacket Incognet MXRoute QuickPacket
    jmaxwell RackNerd HostSlick HostBrr RackNerd
    tra10000 Clouvider / Inception Hosting PHP-Friends / Avoro MXRoute MXRoute
    SwordfishBE HostHatch GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostHatch
    Decicus ExtraVM ZeptoVM / BuyVM / BuyShared ZeptoVM /
    spywork Clouvider / Inception Hosting Hostodo HostBrr Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    Razza PHP-Friends / Avoro Clouvider / Inception Hosting MXRoute PHP-Friends / Avoro
    MooCowGalaxy HostHatch Crunchbits MXRoute RackNerd
    zeli HostHatch GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostHatch
    yoursunny F4 Networks Crunchbits Server-Factory
    raza19 HostHatch Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS RackNerd
    jackalblood Crunchbits SilverCreek ScaleBlade Crunchbits
    rober7 SpeedyPage Clouvider / Inception Hosting SpeedyPage
    Sokaris07 MXRoute BuyVM / BuyShared RackNerd MXRoute
    Shakib ZappieHost Fiberstate Quadranet Namecheap
    MMMMMM RackNerd HostBrr HostSlick RackNerd
    kheng86 GreenCloudVPS Server-Factory WebHorizon RackNerd
    Arirang HostHatch LiteServer RackNerd Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    dedicados RackNerd PulsedMedia HostBrr RackNerd
    rjbl Fiberstate Crunchbits Hetzner Hetzner
    Zreind GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared Server-Factory GreenCloudVPS
    blackeye RackNerd MXRoute GreenCloudVPS RackNerd
    tentor* HXServers Repuc
    cgs3238 GreenCloudVPS HostHatch Balhost
    subaru RackNerd Naranjatech TNAHosting
    nyamenk RackNerd HostBrr Crunchbits HostBrr
    API Server-Factory Crunchbits HostSlick Server-Factory
    bikegremlin* MXRoute Incognet Nikola Jokić MXRoute
    jvnadr Clouvider / Inception Hosting Hetzner Contabo Dacentec / Centrilogic
    Idling RackNerd Linveo RackNerd
    spiritlhl LiteServer SpeedyPage RackNerd SpeedyPage
    cybertech GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostSlick GreenCloudVPS
    Teko Interserver Limewave Communications Server-Factory Limewave Communications
    duyvzu HostHatch GreenCloudVPS BeroHost GreenCloudVPS
    zl224601 HostHatch HostBrr Naranjatech
    chakraxzz MXRoute HostHatch Crunchbits MXRoute
    nowayhost RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared PHP-Friends / Avoro RackNerd
    Halo11 MXRoute Interserver WebHosting24 KnownHost
    Xrmaddness BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared
    outweb RackNerd HostCram HostBrr RackNerd
    Smigit GreenCloudVPS HostHatch Crunchbits Crunchbits
    xyzzz Fiberstate Crunchbits HostHatch Crunchbits
    abiaolaoge SpartanHost RackNerd Naranjatech SpartanHost
    zhi GreenCloudVPS RackNerd AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS SpartanHost
    FatGrizzly BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits Cloudie Hetzner
    default Crunchbits PulsedMedia George Datacenter ServaRICA
    matheny GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits MXRoute GreenCloudVPS
    764664 HostHatch GreenCloudVPS AdvinServers Crunchbits
    tototo Crunchbits MXRoute Server-Factory MXRoute
    dosai GreenCloudVPS HostHatch Server-Factory Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    paijrut RackNerd GreenCloudVPS Limewave Communications GreenCloudVPS
    nulled MXRoute GreenCloudVPS FAT32 MXRoute
    giang HostCram Evolution Host RackNerd HostCram
    GetParanoid Fiberstate HostCram RackNerd Fiberstate
    BBTN GreenCloudVPS HostHatch MXRoute HostHatch
    darkimmortal Oplink HostHatch RackNerd Oplink
    loay Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS MXRoute
    i4P1 ZeptoVM / Crunchbits MXRoute ZeptoVM /
    sh97 Crunchbits RackNerd v6Node GreenCloudVPS
    xxsisi RackNerd GreenCloudVPS Interserver RackNerd
    zizi Crunchbits BeroHost HostSlick
    SinSiXX BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute RackNerd ExtraVM
    udonworld ZeptoVM / Clouvider / Inception Hosting ServaRICA ZeptoVM /
    codelock HostHatch MXRoute Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS
    ElonBezos RackNerd Crunchbits HostBrr RackNerd
    Vextro BuyVM / BuyShared Clouvider / Inception Hosting ExtraVM BuyVM / BuyShared
    Naomii OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi Incognet RackNerd iHostArt
    suut RackNerd GreenCloudVPS Limewave Communications Hostdare
    babywhale Crunchbits BuyVM / BuyShared RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared
    ImFound LowHosting V.PS / xTom Hetzner LowHosting
    pedagang Ginernet Crunchbits Limewave Communications Ginernet
    khajiit Crunchbits
    abtdw Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS PHP-Friends / Avoro MXRoute
    mike1s Crunchbits MXRoute BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits
    iebsfb Crunchbits Host-C PulsedMedia HostSlick
    user123 MXRoute
    NHNHNH000 HostSlick Crunchbits HostCram ZeptoVM /
    hyena56 PHP-Friends / Avoro FractionServers OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi PHP-Friends / Avoro
    reizhi ExtraVM STHosting Server-Factory Hetzner
    nick_ LiteServer Naranjatech GreenCloudVPS LiteServer
    six MXRoute HostSlim / VPSSlim Crunchbits RackNerd
    niranjan Hivelocity RackNerd Crunchbits RackNerd
    pixexid GreenCloudVPS HostCram
    op23 HostCram MXRoute Crunchbits HostCram
    harrison RackNerd ScaleBlade Hypere RackNerd
    Porlam BuyVM / BuyShared HostBrr WebHorizon V.PS / xTom
    Erisa MXRoute BuyVM / BuyShared Clouvider / Inception Hosting BuyVM / BuyShared
    dev077 GreenCloudVPS GreenCloudVPS
    grooveuser Crunchbits George Datacenter MXRoute RackNerd
    darkh0rse ServaRICA MXRoute RackNerd MXRoute
    summerstar HostCram Naranjatech Crunchbits HostCram
    JerryHou Crunchbits Interserver PulsedMedia Crunchbits
    doghouch AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS ExtraVM AdvinServers EthernetServers
    Wicked LiteServer RackNerd Crunchbits LiteServer
    1allen HostBrr MXRoute HostHatch
    ehab HostHatch Server-Factory / Terrahost
    rattlecattle PebbleHost GreenCloudVPS Server-Factory RackNerd
    FrankZ Crunchbits RackNerd GreenCloudVPS MXRoute
    doublesquare MXRoute LiteServer HostBrr v6Node
    Deepak_leb GreenCloudVPS HostHatch AdvinServers VPSDime
    yokowasis GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared MYW Hetzner
    dragon1993 Oracle Cloud Hetzner MXRoute Oracle Cloud
    keon MXRoute RackNerd Crunchbits MXRoute
    lq9x BuyVM / BuyShared MYW RackNerd Oracle Cloud
    Ivan HostHatch Hetzner Tier
    Hakim GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits MXRoute HetrixTools
    webmaster24 BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute MYW BuyVM / BuyShared
    bench GreenCloudVPS Clouvider / Inception Hosting HostHatch Netcup
    ailice HostHatch ZeptoVM / WebHosting24 HostHatch
    qcfgpp Crunchbits Naranjatech Server-Factory Terrahost
    commercial CloudCone RackNerd MXRoute CloudCone
    jwg29859 HostHatch ColoCrossing GTHost Amazon
    jahrinc Terrahost HostHatch BuyVM / BuyShared HostHatch
    TrK RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits
    nullptr Crunchbits RackNerd Crunchbits
    BettySun LiteServer Server-Factory HostHatch Server-Factory
    PanBoczek Crunchbits HostHatch RackNerd Crunchbits
    Effervescence Hetzner RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared
    tjn Hetzner Clouvider / Inception Hosting MXRoute Hetzner
    Falzo Hetzner GreenCloudVPS Naranjatech Hetzner
    atomi BuyVM / BuyShared GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS
    ask_seek_knock WebHorizon Server-Factory Crunchbits Server-Factory
    derekyang Terrahost HostHatch HostCram SpartanHost
    quangthang MXRoute Hetzner
    skorupion MXRoute LevelOneServers BuyVM / BuyShared
    dav848 Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS HostBrr Crunchbits
    neoh Hetzner OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi ColoCrossing Hetzner
    Dazzle WebHosting24 RackNerd GreenCloudVPS WebHorizon
    Doo Crunchbits SpeedyPage HostBrr
    Nyr Crunchbits MXRoute Incognet AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS
    angstrom FreeRangeCloud / SmartHost LiteServer
    infplus OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi GreenCloudVPS C1vHosting ZeptoVM /
    alvaro RackNerd Clouvider / Inception Hosting Server-Factory RackNerd
    Konbu Crossbox HostSlick LiteServer MXRoute
    Levi iHostArt C1vHosting v6Node
    gsea4 Crunchbits MXRoute GreenCloudVPS MXRoute
    mijo Crunchbits HostBrr Hosteons MXRoute
    amj GreenCloudVPS HostSlim / VPSSlim Crunchbits MXRoute
    fazar HostHatch GreenCloudVPS RackNerd HostHatch
    DanSummer Crunchbits Oplink Hetzner Crunchbits
    taoqiKO C1vHosting GreenCloudVPS RackNerd ColoCrossing
    Lutung OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi Crunchbits RackNerd
    TimRoo MXRoute RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute
    akaemu Crunchbits Interserver Incognet
    wa44io4 ReliableSite HostHatch MXRoute
    HAMSW C1vHosting HostBrr Crunchbits C1vHosting
    SillyGoose HostSlick ReliableSite RackNerd ReliableSite
    adilolv Crunchbits Brixly Hetzner Hetzner
    oriend HostCram Incognet RackNerd MXRoute
    dejavu51 RackNerd LiteServer BuyVM / BuyShared LiteServer
    ArrowBoi AdvinServers HostBrr OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi AdvinServers
    FairShare HostSlick RackNerd HostBrr MXRoute
    james50a DataIdeas / RPIServers LetBox Hetzner Hetzner
    myshahrul MXRoute LiteServer ExtraVM MXRoute
    Jord Crunchbits SpeedyPage Worldstream SpeedyPage
    rostovod GreenCloudVPS Naranjatech Server-Factory
    COLBYLICIOUS PHP-Friends / Avoro HostBrr AdvinServers MXRoute
    zrj766 Hosteons Hybula Server-Factory Hetzner
    MrEd AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS Gullo's Hosting RackNerd MYW
    ssssteveson Crunchbits MXRoute ZeptoVM / ZeptoVM /
    fluffernutter HostHatch MXRoute ColoCrossing HostHatch
    crunchbits MXRoute PulsedMedia Cloudie GreenCloudVPS
    Lee* Hetzner BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute
    riake Crunchbits RackNerd Hetzner OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    verl20 HostHatch Crunchbits Microtronix HostHatch
    skorous HostHatch Clouvider / Inception Hosting MXRoute
    kevincruise Clouvider / Inception Hosting RackNerd GreenCloudVPS Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    golario GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits HostBrr GreenCloudVPS
    Astro Crunchbits MXRoute HostBrr Crunchbits
    shruub Greenhost Incognet WebHosting24 HXServers
    tenpera Crunchbits RackNerd HostSlick Crunchbits
    titus Crunchbits Clouvider / Inception Hosting AdvinServers Crunchbits
    1q1 FreeVPS MetalVPS HetrixTools
    alexvolk Hetzner HostHatch Crunchbits Hetzner
    umzak GreenCloudVPS HostBrr ExtraVM GreenCloudVPS
    gbzret4d HostBrr MXRoute Crunchbits HostSlim / VPSSlim
    emgh HXServers HostSolutions
    bdl GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits HostHatch MXRoute
    corbpie ExtraVM HostBrr Clouvider / Inception Hosting ExtraVM
    bgerard ReliableSite HostHatch BuyVM / BuyShared GreenCloudVPS
    emg88 RackNerd HostSlick Crunchbits
    luissousa GreenCloudVPS MXRoute MYW HostHatch

  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    Raw Votes (Part 2)

    Username Vote 1 Vote 2 Vote 3 Most Reliable
    bert RackNerd Crunchbits Interserver Interserver
    ariq01 HostHatch GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits MXRoute
    Crab MXRoute BuyVM / BuyShared Crunchbits Hetzner
    Acacy HostHatch GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared HostHatch
    AXYZE GreenCloudVPS PHP-Friends / Avoro Hetzner RackNerd
    thuanbui GreenCloudVPS SpeedyPage Crunchbits SpeedyPage
    JasonM RackNerd HostBrr MYW HostBrr
    nullnothere HostHatch Crunchbits Naranjatech LiteServer
    Dedispec* MXRoute Hivelocity
    ofit PHP-Friends / Avoro Clouvider / Inception Hosting WebHorizon V.PS / xTom
    kendid BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared
    FlorinMarian OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi Hetzner OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    nvme Crunchbits MXRoute HostCram BuyVM / BuyShared
    mdk187 ServaRICA Server-Factory AdvinServers
    gdnotme Netcup PHP-Friends / Avoro BeroHost Netcup
    lala_th Interserver MXRoute Host-C Interserver
    Salomon123 Naranjatech MYW MXRoute Naranjatech
    host_c iHostArt Hosteons
    bustersg GreenCloudVPS MXRoute SSDNodes GreenCloudVPS
    lorian GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostHatch HetrixTools
    neverain Server-Factory Mevspace Aeza Server-Factory
    noisycode Server-Factory LiteServer HostBrr RackNerd
    gemini90 Hetzner PHP-Friends / Avoro GreenCloudVPS LiteServer
    foitin GreenCloudVPS CrownCloud AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS Hetzner
    Samidare HostHatch Fiberstate Crunchbits Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    Patriarch LittleCreekHosting Kuroit HostBrr Hetzner
    Azenot Alwyzon LiteServer Terrahost Hetzner
    Tigerman Fiberstate AdvinServers Crunchbits Fiberstate
    chitree RackNerd Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS RackNerd
    Weirdjey WebHorizon Clouvider / Inception Hosting LiteServer WebHorizon
    jcolideles BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared
    niceboy Clouvider / Inception Hosting GreenCloudVPS MXRoute LittleCreekHosting
    treesky2017 RackNerd Terrahost HostCram Terrahost
    Aquatis_Joseph LevelOneServers PureVoltage AdvinServers PureVoltage
    jgo24 Crunchbits RackNerd GreenCloudVPS
    chris477chormier GreenCloudVPS RackNerd LittleCreekHosting GreenCloudVPS
    air4x GreenCloudVPS Server-Factory AdvinServers Server-Factory
    mrs92 RansomIT FlowVPS StarryDNS RansomIT
    con HostSlick Incognet Crunchbits TNAHosting
    eliphas SmartHost Hivelocity RackNerd Hivelocity
    quicksilver03 CrownCloud HostSlick Alwyzon Alwyzon
    puerklint HostHatch Crunchbits MXRoute HostHatch
    Grufunkel Interserver RackNerd GreenCloudVPS RackNerd
    drunkendog GreenCloudVPS PHP-Friends / Avoro HostHatch PHP-Friends / Avoro
    fensuiji RackNerd Hosteons Hostdare RackNerd
    gtxr GreenCloudVPS HostBrr Netdynamics24 GreenCloudVPS
    AlanV RackNerd PulsedMedia Interserver
    Chalipa BuyVM / BuyShared ServaRICA Crunchbits BuyVM / BuyShared
    xNEO LiteServer GreenCloudVPS Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    ramonwap LetBox LevelOneServers
    supremasi Fiberstate OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi GreenCloudVPS Fiberstate
    kennsann HostHatch MXRoute Hetzner Hetzner
    jlet88 Oplink Crunchbits Fiberstate Oplink
    kashon GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits HostSlick RackNerd
    wedge1001 GreenCloudVPS HostBrr Alwyzon BuyVM / BuyShared
    Ed_Chd RackNerd Alwyzon Terrahost Hetzner
    opshk Crunchbits RackNerd HostHatch RackNerd
    Koh HostSlick HostHatch MXRoute HostSlick
    hoseajsap GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostBrr BuyVM / BuyShared
    Captainbalu MXRoute HostSlick MYW Hetzner
    Caztiel Crunchbits RackNerd Hosteroid Crunchbits
    DigiGoon HostBrr RackNerd SpeedyPage HostBrr
    itsdeadjim HostHatch Server-Factory WisHosting Hetzner
    bugis GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute GreenCloudVPS
    Hosteroid HostSolutions iHostArt HostSolutions
    balramm Psychz ReadyDedis ReliableSite Hetzner
    tronyx MXRoute RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute
    BruhGamer12 Fiberstate DataIdeas / RPIServers Terrahost DataIdeas / RPIServers
    exception0x876 OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi Hetzner BuyVM / BuyShared OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    fatchan Crunchbits Terrahost RackNerd Crunchbits
    elliotc HostHatch Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS
    faleddo Hetzner Netcup MXRoute
    Jos AdvinServers GreenCloudVPS GreenCloudVPS
    Leftup BuyVM / BuyShared GreenCloudVPS HostHatch GreenCloudVPS
    qeba HostHatch AdvinServers HostBrr HostHatch
    varwww Hetzner Oracle Cloud Oracle Cloud
    jompha MXRoute RackNerd GreenCloudVPS
    ikibsys Ginernet HostSlim / VPSSlim Interserver Ginernet
    Franzkafka CloudCone SpartanHost WebHorizon SpartanHost
    covalent GreenCloudVPS LetBox Contabo GreenCloudVPS
    noob404 RackNerd Interserver HostSlim / VPSSlim RackNerd
    GreenRuby GreenCloudVPS AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS
    dev_vps Clouvider / Inception Hosting ProHosting24 Hosteons Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    nezam05 GreenCloudVPS HostHatch
    r4h156 MXRoute BuyVM / BuyShared ServaRICA MXRoute
    kalimov622 HostHatch RackNerd AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS PHP-Friends / Avoro
    Jaxx RackNerd GreenCloudVPS Clouvider / Inception Hosting RackNerd
    Daniel15 GreenCloudVPS HostHatch QuantumCore GreenCloudVPS
    raindog308 PulsedMedia RackNerd MXRoute
    robohost 1GServers SiliCloud OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi 1GServers
    xx7879 RackNerd Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS
    aj_potc Interserver HostHatch Hetzner Vultr
    Hax OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi BuyVM / BuyShared Hetzner OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    the_doctor HostHatch PulsedMedia Limitless Hosting HostHatch
    Shamli BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi HetrixTools
    dclink Crunchbits RackNerd Crunchbits
    cochon HostHatch MXRoute Naranjatech Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    bbass HostHatch MXRoute Crunchbits HostHatch
    uhu Clouvider / Inception Hosting MXRoute Gullo's Hosting
    smile93 HostHatch MXRoute MYW BuyVM / BuyShared
    mhn OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi PebbleHost MyLoc OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    zGato HostSlim / VPSSlim AlbaHost Alwyzon JustHosting
    totally_not_banned MXRoute STHosting Hetzner
    soulchief Crunchbits LevelOneServers V.PS / xTom MXRoute
    Cam Hetzner AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS TNAHosting BuyVM / BuyShared
    azeem MXRoute TNAHosting HostHatch RackNerd
    shelfchair Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared BuyVM / BuyShared
    hapkido GreenCloudVPS HostBrr Crunchbits HostBrr
    JoeMerit ColoCrossing HostHatch Clouvider / Inception Hosting ColoCrossing
    rm_ OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi Scaleway / MicroLXC OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    kaz050457 GreenCloudVPS RackNerd ApisCP / Hostineer GreenCloudVPS
    rogerwilco Clouvider / Inception Hosting HostHatch SpeedyPage Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    sonic GreenCloudVPS Evolution Host RamNode
    HackedServer Tzulo GreenCloudVPS MXRoute Tzulo
    nightcat GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS
    ScreenReader MXRoute Kuroit ZeptoVM / ZeptoVM /
    MrLime BuyVM / BuyShared Incognet LiteServer BuyVM / BuyShared
    Ne0x GreenCloudVPS HostHatch MXRoute GreenCloudVPS
    BasToTheMax RoyaleHosting Hetzner Contabo RoyaleHosting
    linuxglobe HostBrr RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared HostBrr
    vladann93 RackNerd RackNerd
    eris Hetzner MXRoute Rackspace Hetzner
    Izax GreenCloudVPS RackNerd MXRoute GreenCloudVPS
    Robotex Prometeus Crunchbits ArubaCloud
    haolun RackNerd Crunchbits HostSlick
    fendix PHP-Friends / Avoro MXRoute Alwyzon PHP-Friends / Avoro
    htop Crunchbits RackNerd HostSlim / VPSSlim Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    nuke GreenCloudVPS Naranjatech HostSailor WebHosting24
    MissFortune CloudCone MYW RackNerd CloudCone
    Sanjue007 GreenCloudVPS MXRoute ServaRICA ServaRICA
    PieHasBeenEaten BuyVM / BuyShared GetServers HostHatch
    DeadlyChemist RackNerd HostBrr ZappieHost RackNerd
    meditatingsurgeon AdvinServers GreenCloudVPS MXRoute AdvinServers
    ralfonat Hetzner AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS TNAHosting BuyVM / BuyShared
    storycrafter MXRoute Host-C RackNerd MXRoute
    zox GreenCloudVPS SolidSeoVPS Contabo GreenCloudVPS
    messisgoat OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi HostHatch GreenCloudVPS OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    zhkwai GreenCloudVPS HostHatch ZeptoVM / OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    BradMcA RackNerd SolidSeoVPS MYW MYW
    seotaro GreenCloudVPS RackNerd Fiberstate GreenCloudVPS
    ptreja Crunchbits WisHosting v6Node
    donko Hetzner BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute Hetzner
    kvz12 MXRoute HostBrr Crunchbits MXRoute
    hyperblast AdvinServers HostBrr PHP-Friends / Avoro Inleed
    ahnlak BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute Clouvider / Inception Hosting MXRoute
    spiderhr RackNerd ServaRICA HostSlim / VPSSlim
    ZA_capetown HostHatch GreenCloudVPS VirMach MXRoute
    caracal PulsedMedia MXRoute Fiberstate BuyVM / BuyShared
    atroxz RackNerd BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute Hetzner
    hostnoob GreenCloudVPS RamNode OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi
    jordonr Terrahost MXRoute RackNerd MXRoute
    avamax Hetzner Clouvider / Inception Hosting HostHatch MXRoute
    Kris Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS Incognet Crunchbits
    Ganonk RackNerd Clouvider / Inception Hosting Crunchbits MXRoute
    Cabbage Netcup Server-Factory MXRoute MXRoute
    rcy026 Crunchbits HostHatch MXRoute RackNerd
    vedran AdvinServers BuyVM / BuyShared Gullo's Hosting MXRoute
    AWITM MXRoute PulsedMedia RackNerd MXRoute
    adwsislife Crunchbits MXRoute WebHorizon Hetzner
    icepic HostHatch Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS LiteServer
    maverick Terrahost Alwyzon Crunchbits Hetzner
    Pilzbaum Crunchbits HostHatch Terrahost AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS
    Andy10tbit OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi HostSlick Crunchbits MXRoute
    jugganuts Crunchbits
    xauser GreenCloudVPS HostHatch Naranjatech Hetzner
    anda MXRoute LittleCreekHosting ServaRICA Crunchbits
    stxsh ExtraVM Hosteons ReliableSite MXRoute
    pwned Crunchbits DataIdeas / RPIServers Interserver TornadoVPS
    sitss GreenCloudVPS MXRoute ServaRICA Hetzner
    Raj9119 HostSlim / VPSSlim PulsedMedia RackNerd iHostArt
    activecoupon Terrahost Hetzner GreenCloudVPS
    sayyiku SpeedyPage Hybula Crunchbits
    nava81 HostHatch GreenCloudVPS BeroHost GreenCloudVPS
    Jackma1 BuyVM / BuyShared GreenCloudVPS Crunchbits RackNerd
    nillyhan HostBrr RackNerd
    anrikaz HostHatch SpeedyPage MXRoute HostHatch
    nagasaki_castella Crunchbits MYW MXRoute MXRoute
    plumberg Fiberstate Crunchbits HostHatch Crunchbits
    emperor LiteServer Clouvider / Inception Hosting V.PS / xTom DrServer
    natural GreenCloudVPS BuyVM / BuyShared AlphaVPS / ImpactVPS Hetzner
    MMzF Fiberstate Incognet RackNerd Fiberstate
    jason5545 DataIdeas / RPIServers PulsedMedia ServaRICA ShockHosting
    warih Clouvider / Inception Hosting LetBox C1vHosting LiteServer
    sdsbirdman GreenCloudVPS MXRoute iHostArt GreenCloudVPS
    fan Terrahost Hivelocity MXRoute V.PS / xTom
    forces LiteServer BuyVM / BuyShared MXRoute Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    vbloods Crunchbits RackNerd HostHatch BuyVM / BuyShared
    Arjun42 RackNerd Crunchbits ServaRICA RackNerd
    listerine90 Crunchbits ServaRICA HostBrr Crunchbits
    ascicode MXRoute STHosting PHP-Friends / Avoro Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    themew SmartHost RackNerd AdvinServers
    labrax Crunchbits HostBrr MYW
    jh Clouvider / Inception Hosting RackNerd MXRoute
    PhantomPain Interserver Crunchbits George Datacenter MXRoute
    mbug GreenCloudVPS MXRoute HostSlick HostHatch
    rkdede55 HostCram BuyVM / BuyShared LiteServer HostCram
    inspain Netcup Naranjatech Virtono Virtono
    MallocVoidstar GreenCloudVPS MXRoute VirMach GreenCloudVPS
    0xC7 RackNerd Crunchbits Hosteroid Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    bangudopw OVH / SoYouStart / Kimsufi GreenCloudVPS MXRoute
    unfortunately RackNerd GTHost Interserver RackNerd
    stephanuk GreenCloudVPS RackNerd Interserver
    FAT32 Crunchbits GreenCloudVPS Terrahost MXRoute
    zakkuuno Hetzner BuyVM / BuyShared ReliableSite Clouvider / Inception Hosting
    DataRecovery ServaRICA Gullo's Hosting VirMach MXRoute

  • APIAPI Member

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • SinVSinV Member, Host Rep
    edited January 30

    I won something!

    Can we give my prizes to other members? @FAT32 @PulsedMedia @risharde

    Thanked by 2Naomii PulsedMedia
  • dosaidosai Member

    Thanked by 1Naomii
  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran

    Like every year, this is more of a popularity contest than anything, but congratulations to all the winners and thanks to @FAT32 for organizing everything!

    @dustinc can I offer my prize to other member if I am not going to redeem it myself?

  • Thank you so much :)

  • Thanks for the gift! ❤️❤️

    Congratulations to all providers and winners!

    Thanked by 1Naomii
  • Congrats for all winner. Thankyou so much for all provider and @FAT32 <3

    Thanked by 1FAT32
  • gg

  • DecicusDecicus Member
    edited January 30

    🎉 Quite close between the top 2, but well deserved to both @jar and @crunchbits (and the rest for that matter)

    Thanked by 3jar FAT32 skorupion
  • remyremy Member
    edited January 30

    Thanks to all providers involved. And congratulations !
    And thanks @FAT32 for the organisation. Really well done

    Thanked by 1FAT32
  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran
    edited January 30


    It's my turn!

    I'll reach out to the prize winners ASAP.

  • Yeaaaah :smiley:

  • MannDudeMannDude Host Rep, Veteran

    @jar said:

    It's my turn!


    Thanked by 1jar
  • ehabehab Member


    thanks @FAT32
    where will we be with you

    i <3 you.

    if you were a chic i would take off my pants ask u out.

    Thanked by 1FAT32
  • yoursunnyyoursunny Member, IPv6 Advocate

    Thanks @FAT32 for organizing.
    Thanks to the 7 accounts who voted for my bro: @yoursunny @tentor @Levi @emgh @host_c @Hosteroid @totally_not_banned.
    No thanks to the two raffle prizes, as both sponsors have been at war with us since Jan 16.

  • dev_vpsdev_vps Member
    edited January 30

    Congratulations to the Top Ten Providers

    @jar, @crunchbits, @NDTN, @dustinc, @hosthatch, @Francisco, @Hetzner_OL, @labze, @Clouvider @AnthonySmith, and @mxmla

    and much appreciation to @FAT32

  • _MS__MS_ Member
    edited January 30

    Congratulations to @jar and all the other top providers, and the winners!

    Now, release some deadpool deals. :)

    And, as always, thanks, @FAT32, for organizing this poll. :+1:

    Thanked by 3jar FAT32 Naomii
  • Carlin0Carlin0 Member
    edited January 30

    Congrats everyone

  • PorlamPorlam Member
    edited January 30

    Thanks @FAT32 for nice event and Thank you to all providers!
    And, Congratulations @jar MXRoute!

    Thanked by 2jar FAT32
  • fanfan Veteran

    Thank you @FAT32 for your effort, it's been an amazing year and looking forward to the next big day! Also thank you @terrahost @dustinc so much for the prize, I'm feeling really, really lucky today.

    Thanked by 2FAT32 terrahost
  • @FAT32 you're such an asset for this forum, first perfectly organized BF, and then this. Keep up the good work, man, it's really appreciated. <3

    And I'm not saying that just because I won something, something that I want and need actually. I was soooo afraid I'd win something I don't really need. :D

    Thanked by 3remy FAT32 ehab
  • Thank you @FAT32 and @IKIHOST for the prize.. Grats all the winners..

    Thanked by 1FAT32
  • Congrats to all the winners!

    Mad respect to all providers!

    Thanks to all Mods for this year party!


  • remyremy Member
    edited January 30

    @yoursunny said:
    Thanks @FAT32 for organizing.
    Thanks to the 7 accounts who voted for my bro: @yoursunny @tentor @Levi @emgh @host_c @Hosteroid @totally_not_banned.
    No thanks to the two raffle prizes, as both sponsors have been at war with us since Jan 16.

    I saw your war with the dev of the NAT manager
    But what happened with Pulsedmedia?

    You're a really bad boy !

    Thanked by 1yoursunny
  • tentortentor Member, Host Rep
    edited January 30

    @remy said: But what happened with Pulsedmedia?

    AFAIK there is IPv6 related argument behind

    Thanked by 1remy
  • remyremy Member

    @tentor said:

    @remy said: But what happened with Pulsedmedia?

    AFAIK there is IPv6 related argument behind

    How could it not be? :p

    Thanked by 2tentor emgh
  • gsea4gsea4 Member

    Thank you @FAT32 and the team and thank you all providers!

    Thanked by 3FAT32 emgh emg88
  • VoidVoid Member

    @SinSiXX said:
    I won something!

    Can we give my prizes to other members?

    I’ll take it if allowed

    Thanked by 1SinV
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