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LoomHosts VPS Servers
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LoomHosts VPS Servers

BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
edited September 2011 in Offers

Well, since LowEndAdmin hasn't put our offer up yet, I might as well start advertising here first: - Reliable , Affordable, Solid.
Our Mission Statement: To provide hosting that is reliable, affordable and solid.

LoomHosts is powered with network data from Limestone Networks. We use OpenVZ.
Plans start at $4.99 with Baby VPS. Plans:
Feel free to use coupon code "NEWLAUNCH" to get 20% off our services recurring. This expires on 30 uses, or August 31st, whichever comes first.

Our recommended plan is the LowEndBox VPS at $5.99 with
30GB Diskspace,
200GB Bandwidth,
192MB Dedicated RAM,
1 IP Address,
0.8GHz CPU

If you need a custom plan, feel free to come into live chat.

Our TOS and Privacy Policies can be found here:

Test IP:
Test file:

Our Social Networks:



  • Yes you emailed me middle of July asking to be featured.

    Also failed to mention that it's still the same shop as Bolthub, which went to dead pool after a month. Now you are claiming

    Reliable , Affordable, Solid. Our Mission Statement: To provide hosting that is reliable, affordable and solid.

    I was going to wait for a least a month to see whether the above statement holds true :)

  • @LowEndAdmin : Thanks for the response here. I basically studied the plans of other hosts and how they operate. TBH, The VPS plans that went into the dead pool are now operating under and I have no affiliation with their owner anymore whatsoever. Thanks for the concern :) . Hopefully other members can provide feedback as well. I'm learning as I go! BTW, LowEndAdmin, you tested out the VPS i provided you yet?

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Sorry to but in, I know the post is a few days old but, yeah I understand what Boltersdriveer is saying, Bolthub is now sleekhosts (the guy who runs that is in the US and is also around 14 like me XD). I still know the owner of SleekHosts.

    BTW. The website shows 404 errors.

  • Was working on it quite a bit yesterday... apologies! This has been fixed :)

  • Hopefully LowEndAdmin can list it now?

  • dirkdirk Member

    The links in your original post aren't working anymore...they give 404 errors... (plans/tos/.test-file)

    Very reliable....5 days after your post your were hacked...(" LoomHosts was hacked yesterday which has caused a massive disruption to most of our services, with the exception of one node with which we had a different password with. Affected clients should IMMEDIATELY register your account and signup your package on WHMCS")

  • iKockaiKocka Member
    edited August 2011

    Fail. You didn't even make WHMCS backup despite the client base is worth the most. Your service is definately not reliable nor solid. You shouldn't get listed on LEB.

  • Wow, their kingdom for a backup

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    Don't think he's going to be getting featured now....


  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2011

    Francisco said: Don't think he's going to be getting featured now....

    Me thinks so too.. That is bad, I am dissapointed, I had trust in this :(

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited August 2011

    shrug Nordic got featured. Yard just got featured. How many got featured for running hacked copies of WHMCS?

  • BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
    edited August 2011

    Well, the FreeVPS users were not affected by this... Only several of the clients were affected anyways, with the billing portal. shrug . Still learning how to set most of these stuff up, so I make daily backups now. The links are fixed too. Being truthful as to what has happened, the previous clients have returned. @drmike: This copy of WHMCS was not hacked, they were talking about the server being hacked.

  • You are a hosting provider and you are still learning how to set these stuff up? Get away from here.

  • drmike said: Nordic got featured. Yard just got featured

    You are not implying LoomHosts is in the same scale as NordicVPS and YardVPS, are you?

    As far as I can see, Boltersdriveer is still the 14 year old Singaporean who used to run BoltHub. No, age wasn't the problem, nor was hacked WHMCS scripts for that matter. It's just the conscious thing for me, knowing that I am posting an offer from someone coming back from dead pool with a new name.

  • GaryGary Member

    "Still learning how to set most of these stuff up" - Cool, have my money then!

  • Well, LowEndAdmin, I shall repeat this again - the person who ran the previous site for VPS services now run as I did not have a dedicated at that time. Thus, this time it's run by myself and another member who does well in support. Currently, we've got about 13 or so clients who have not complained about services (yet).

  • @iKocka: By setting stuff up, what I meant was taking daily backups. Though we don't provide guarantee on data, we still try to help out..

  • You are not implying LoomHosts is in the same scale as NordicVPS and YardVPS, are you?

    Without knowing really what's going on and what happened to the data, no I can't judge. At the very least, they did get their server back up and running within a reasonable amount of time which puts them ahead of Nordic and they didn't illegally spam their past users with illegal sales pitches while being unable to even setup a VPS which puts them ahead of Yard.

    This copy of WHMCS was not hacked, they were talking about the server being hacked.

    Didn't say you were. Please review what I wrote. Other hosts who have run hacked copies of WHMCS have been featured here. I was pointing out that we've had a number of questionable hosts get featured previously. We've discussed this with LEA previously but his opinion is that he wants stuff like this to come out.

    Forgive me for not providing a reference link. Down to 9 minutes.

  • Hmm... What would be the definition of a "hacked WHMCS"?

    Well, if questionable hosts (probably like this one I'm running) come out, it's probably best if they are more questionable ( like what is happening now ) when they have already failed once (AGAIN it fits the description!).

  • I'm a customer at and would I would like to say, that I think their support is quite good. I'm hosted with Loomhosts for a couple of days now and haven't seen any downtime other than when the server got hacked. I had a couple of problems with the memory but they were solved perfectly by the support staff.

    The only downside I've seen so far was that when the server got hacked, we didn't receive any information on (for example) facebook or twitter until it was fixed. But after the problems were fixed, everyone got some of their money back! :)

    All with all, I would certainly recommend you to try it. :)

  • hacked WHMCS is probably meaning nulled/unlicensed.

  • Hmm, it is licensed... You can check it at the WHMCS license checker.

  • apart from hiccups from the hacks: the server ran well
    yum was giving constant 100mbps and hard disk io performed well

  • Hey cirno! Thanks for the review.

  • Hmm... Fake reviews? LEA clearly stated that you are not going to be featured on LEB.

  • BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
    edited August 2011

    @iKocka : Nah, just sent out an email to provide an update on the "hack" and for a honest review for this..

  • I'm more concerned about what I see as a comprehension problem. Seems like you're not understanding what folks are stating here in this thread.

  • BoltersdriveerBoltersdriveer Member, LIR
    edited August 2011

    If it is a comprehension problem, then I'd gladly it if some kind soul explains what is going on here to me.

  • edited September 2011

    Hmm... Fake reviews?

    What part of my review was 'fake'?
    All I did was tell my experience with LoomHosts.

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