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ironhideironhide Member
edited December 2013 in Reviews

Guys, This is my Horror story with :(

  • I had ordered their service on 21/11/2013 Around 12PM and I order a dedicated server (Dual Xeon L5520 with 24 GB Ram for $49 with a $10 setup fee) using my Payoneer Debit Mastercard

  • After two hours I opened a support ticket asking what is the status of the server

  • Timothy Lee From Zeneva after 5 hours that I will have to wait for the verification process. I asked how long do I have to wait until the delivery - he told me it may take upto Wednesday.
  • I told Timothy Lee that if it really takes that long, please cancel the order. Because order was just placed and still not verified - so it was easy to cancel
  • Timothy replied that I am EXTREMELY LIKELY to be getting the server on Next Saturday (23rd November). So he will not cancel the server

  • I waited until Saturday late hours (23rd Nov) and no one contacted me. I opened a support ticket for the status of the delivery and Timothy Lee replied after couple of hours that I will be getting my server today (23rd Nov)

  • I didn't get my server that day. I asked in the support ticket about the status, Timothy lee replied that he is "Finalizing the order" and I will get it today (24th Nov)

  • I waited until 26th Nov, and opened a support ticket to cancel the order. Tomothy Lee said he cannot (and will not) cancel the order. I will have to cancel it "PROPER WAY". So I asked him what is the "PROPER WAY". Then this guy replied "NOT TO BOMB THEIR HELPDESK WITH QUESTIONS". I asked him again to explain "PROPER WAY" to cancel it. He then replied that I cannot cancel until the service is active

  • I asked him when can he deliver, and to give me an honest reply. He said that he will deliver in Wednesday (Nov 27)

  • It was end of wednesday and still no one contacted me. So by the end of the day (Pacific Time) I asked Timothy if he will really deliver me the server. He said all orders are finalized and will be delivered in a couple of hours!

  • Wednesday ended. Now it's thursday and I asked him where is the server. After a long time he said My Order was already delivered. Then I told him to check the services section in the WHMCS because it was still showing service as PENDING. Timothy replied "he will check momentarily and send me the email"

  • Thursday ended, no one even sent me a mail. I was so fucking annoyed and frustrated. How could a service be this bad? How someone's attitude can be this bad. I asked what is their problem and if the server is already ready and configured why they are not giving me access. After almost 16 hours (Now it's Friday) he replied that the server is configured and delivered.

  • I checked my mail and found their welcome mail in the spam folder which appeared 2 hours ago. Fine! I thought. The welcome mail contains root access, ip and password. But IRONY, that password doesn't even work. I can't log into the server

  • I opened a ticket that the access which was sent to me is wrong and I cannot log into the server 2 hours ago. No one cared to reply! The server IS STILL INACCESSIBLE by now.

During these conversations, I tried to call their support desk. And I found other peoples were complaining about their numbers invalid in the LEB thread. Their main number 1-866-487-0388 is invalid (I tried calling from my phone as well as skype). Then I found in the LEB thread ( where Timothy had given other number (1-888-413-1999) and (1-407-608-5404) and it's just automated answering machine always replying extension 410, 409, 405 is unavailable. And sometime their answering machine forwarded to another number which was said to be "unavailable". Now The Extremely unprofessional thing is this guy "Timothy Lee" has mentioned "[email protected]" as his email address in his support desk signature. That email address also bounce mails. I told him that his email address is not correct and he just said that his email address is "[email protected]" and he will correct it in his signature, 4/5 days ago. But His signature is still showing that very same email address which continues to bounce emails.

I canceled their server while ago from the WHMCS panel (using Request Cancellation feature at the end of the billing period).

I suggest you to stay 100 MILES AWAY from this company and this guy. Either he is a FRAUD or a F**king crackpot who just doesn't know how to deal with people and how to value his words.

All my $59 is completely wasted. :( I am so very much annoyed right now!



  • Feel sorry for you mate.
    But always go with trusted companies and providers.
    I think @concerto49 provides the same server with 32gb ram and gigabit port.

    Good luck in future.

  • @fraghostsolutions said:
    Feel sorry for you mate.
    But always go with trusted companies and providers.
    I think concerto49 provides the same server with 32gb ram and gigabit port.

    Good luck in future.

    Damn you are right mate! I am just so surprised by these rubbish which I never even imagined could happen! :(

  • @ironhide said:

    It happens bro.
    Just take care next time.
    Its good that atleast you know what to do now.
    Even if there is $10-20 difference in pricings , atleast your money is safe with them.

    Thanked by 1ironhide
  • If you paid via Credit Card you can always do a chargeback. - VPS Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Various tools, screenshots, password gen, looking glass, etc..

  • Not with Payoneer Mastercard

  • I, too, feel very sorry for how that guy dealt with you. What a nightmare such situations are.

    Thanked by 1ironhide
  • From the LEB offer it seems they had pretty decent reviews up until recently..

    I purchased this similar sever with same specs from servercomplete, datashack/wholesaleinternet and I can't say I've had any problems.. But it is $5-$10/mo more than zeneva.

  • And this is why I use only real credit cards for ordering from these online companies... As much as I could sit and be paranoid about theft of the card number, I know I can get my money back from scammers and other pathetic folk... And use PayPal to secure it if I have to...

  • Latest Update: No One Replied to my Ticket and the server remains inaccessible as is!

  • oke, ill be the first i guess

    1) wtf are you complaining and raising tickets just 2 hours after your initial order. You ordered a dedicated server, it isnt like a vps that i created directly after payment processing (most of the time)

    2) yes dont bomb there helpdesk with continues tickets that wont help your case. Damn have some patients.

    and really i do understand your annoyed with dates etc not being given immidiatly, also when dates aren't met. Then you're in your right to complain.. But untill then TAKE A FREAKING CHILL PILL..

    And please take into acount that ordering with a pre payed creditcard takes longer to validate as the possiblity for fraud atleast doubles/triples..

    im not in any way affiliated with zeneva or any other hosting company for that mather. But this super fast, i want everything NOW attitude just pisses my off.

    I'd like to hear what the "professionals/regulars" have to say about this kind of behaviour.
    @spirit @bluevm @Maounique @jarland to name a few, can go on for a long long list here

  • jarjar Provider
    edited November 2013

    @Gien said:
    I'd like to hear what the "professionals/regulars" have to say about this kind of behaviour.

    I'll need to see screenshots. The post sounds emotional and potentially exaggerated to me, but then if it isn't I'd agree that first he was too impatient, and second that the provider screwed up when they changed their original statement of "could be next Wednesday" to "this Saturday." Stick with the time frame that you know is realistic, don't make unrealistic promises to prevent a cancellation. Screenshots of the ticket in question are required to make an informed statement.

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  • ironhideironhide Member
    edited November 2013

    @Gien - I opened that ticket because the delivery time was not mentioned anywhere. So I asked when it will be delivered. Where is the problem in that?

    Now you found "I want now" attitude in this post right? You don't see empty promises and unprofessional attitude from the provider? WOW!

    This is not the first time I purchased something with this card, But THIS IS THE FIRST time I experienced the "Damn, Who cares" attitude with clients.

    Anyway, I don't agree with you!

  • @ironhide You dont have to agree with me. I agree with you on most of the points mostly at the end.

    He broke his promise, he didnt deliver etc.. i totally agree with you on that. He should have delivered. And ofcourse i understand the need to known when something is delivered. But you make it sound like you send them an ticket or bumping a ticket every couple of hours

    i agree with @jarland, zeneva shouldnt have made the statement that you would have your server at saturday just to prevent you from canceling

    Lol i remember the big sale from ovh just recently where people where waiting months to get there server. Some canceled some didnt.. But still keeping hamering the helpdesk doesnt get your issue resolved faster

  • If there's no indication of when the server will be delivered, what's wrong with opening a ticket and asking, just as OP did?

    What a shitty situation, i was feeling pissed of just reading about it!

    Thanked by 1ErawanArifNugroho
  • Everyone cannot be like ovh who deliver server within an hour, if you don't have the patience you can get a VPS. Also there are only a few providers that provide severs within an hour or less. You need to ready the TOS/AUP and availability of servers, normally you have to wait for 72 hours unless specified by the provider.

    If I were you, I'd first contact payoneer regarding this.

  • ironhideironhide Member
    edited November 2013

    Yeah, my bad luck after all that I had to go thru this. :( Will be more careful to choose the provider. :(

  • I also got a pre paid mastercard and i can get chargebacks but it will cost me money, untill chargeback/dispute has been resolved.

    First time i orderd with it on amazon it took two extra days because i order with a pre paid card.

    So @ironhunter, contact payoneer first and see if you can get a chargeback.

  • Thanks @Gien - I will contact them. It's "Ironhide" by the way :)

  • @Gien

    Don't see what's wrong with what the OP did. Zeneva should have just given him a refund when the OP said setup time was too long, would have been end of story. Now it's bad reviews, angry customer, not sure how it's worth it for a company to do this just to keep $59!!

  • Well, I can't believe that all this happened really for only one reason: accepts only credit card payments only through their site.

    Now forget about your PrePaid Card, you already gave it to them for free.

    Here lies @alexvolk, the member that was questioning shady hosts. Looks like he is banned now? Enjoy it now, more scam - more entertainment! May we meet again!

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    Did you try contacting Timothy on Skype?

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  • Lol yeah @ironhide was autocompleet :p

    So @earl if you order a server from a random company you expect them to have it up in a day? As i stated earlier i do agree with ironhide on the point the he shouldnt have been lied to about the date.

    Your not ordering at mc ronalds or burger queen. And even there if its busy (you cant see that with online company's), if your order isnt ready in a minute you dont start complaining. Most small time companys dont have all (if any) server in stock at all times (please correct me if im wrong). I even dont expect larger companys to have my server up in a couple of hours.. as far as i can see there no promissed delivery dates.

    And just a simple inquery about when the server is deliverd isnt wrong i would do the same expecially when i didnt recieve an order confirmation. But that isnt deductable from the about post and also not subject to the point i was trying to make.

  • No @Nick_A. I mentioned that his email signature in the helpdesk was set as "timothy.lee" which bounced emails. And even after I told him that his email address is bouncing, he didn't correct it. But last day I sent him an email to "timothy" which he replied after 12 hours.

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    He has a Zeneva Skype account which you may want to contact.

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  • ironhideironhide Member
    edited November 2013

    Nah, I've had enough! In last 9/10 days all I wanted is a specific date and then the server delivered on that date. It was just empty promises.

  • @Gien

    So @earl if you order a server from a random company you expect them to have it up in a day?

    Well if you read the OP's post, Timothy initially said Wednesday. OP ordered on the 21'st which is a Thursday, so give or take is about 6 days.. but the OP was willing to wait till Saturday so that would be 3 days, so don't exaggerate about requesting the service to be up in a day or a couple of hours before OP requested a refund!

    Your not ordering at mc ronalds or burger queen. And even there if its busy (you cant see that with online company's), if your order isnt ready in a minute you dont start complaining.

    Not in a minute, but maybe if was 3 minutes or 6 minutes, or if they kept delaying the order.. yes soon enough I would complain. But I generally make it a habit not to complain when it comes to food, since they may do some nasty things to your food before they serve it to you..

  • I got tagged here. Anything I can help with? Server delays do happen - e.g. DOA on hardware etc, but I guess if dates are to be moved - full explanations at least need to be provided.

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  • ZenevaZeneva Member
    edited November 2013

    First of all, let's get started with the play by play of what happen on this. The customer placed there order for the LEB Special that is clearly stated on the offer that all servers are setup within 24-72 hours. Within 2 hours of receiving the order we received a ticket of asking why the server wasn't setup. We informed this customer that our setup time is 24-72 hours and that it is a possiblity that it could be sooner but we couldn't make any guarantees but it would be by Wednesday. On Wednesday, we let the customer know that the server was deployed as within our system the information had been deployed and the order had been accepted.

    The customer had spammed our helpdesk numerous times from captial letters to tickets replies every 5-10 minutes asking why the server wasn't ready. We informed the customer that disrespectful behavior isn't tolerated by our company and that any additional replies to a ticket will only delay it further.

    Our service isn't bad. You can ask any of our customers who continue to praise our service. All of our support tickets are responded to extremetly quickly. Emails sent to [email protected] do not bounce. This was immediately corrected and infact you sent me an email on Thursday. You contacted us again on Thursday and I notifted you that we were short staffed as it was a Holiday and we were looking into it and resolving it. I immediately noticed that the welcome e-mail wasn't sent out and took care of it.

    I apogolize that you wasn't able to get access. Mistakes do happen when deploying boxes where passwords don't get changed to the customer's requested password and so forth. I was very forward with you that we were short staffed as it is a Holiday weekend and things were taking a little bit longer.

    We are definitely not a scam and we have hundreds of servers online with happy customers on a network that is fully owned and operated by our company. We have been very forward with you and hae been very honest with you.

    Your refund has been processed and your account has been immediately cancelled.

    Good luck finding a hosting provider that suits your needs.

    Thank you

    Thanked by 1mawr
  • ironhideironhide Member
    edited November 2013

    @Zeneva Thank you for unexpected and surprising refund, but I just want to mention that nowhere in your LEB thread it was mentioned that you'll take 24-72 hours of time. Please check the post again in LEB. May be you had replied different timeline in different customers's comment. But obviously it is not mentioned in the main post, nor in the welcome mail. Please double and triple check at (

    Now, if you look at the comment thread in your LEB post, you can even see frustrating customers who were expressing their frustration of not receiving the server even in 20-24 days.

    yes I used capital letters "WHEN WILL YOU DELIVER, PLEASE BE HONEST" but I didn't disrespect you by any means until the very last day when I was completely frustrated and told you that you are ""UNPROFESSIONAL" - if that can be actually considered as "DISRESPECT"

    I didn't open this thread to get your refund. I just told what happened with me and how "PROFESSIONALLY" you dealt with me, missing dates and times and promises one after another, even not picking up the phone and not correcting an email signature which was bouncing emails repeatedly.

    And here is the proof that your emails were bouncing indeed


    Thanked by 1nonuby
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