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Interested in Writing for LowEndBox?
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Interested in Writing for LowEndBox?

LowEndBox is looking for some talented writers who are also IT pros, technologists, hobbyists, or other kinds of engineering wizards to write some tutorials, articles, and other content for

This is ongoing paid work.

Things We Are Looking For

Tutorials on topics of interest to the LowEnd community. These are often step-by-step walkthroughs with screenshots or other illustrations. We're looking for topics beyond Linux 101 type things. Not everything has to be a "how to setup" article - we are also interested in security-related guides, how to use various services, etc. In general, how to get more out of your VPS. Here are some examples of tutorials we've done that are the kind of content we're looking for:

  • Get Notified via Email Whenever Someone Logs In To Your VPS
  • Create Your Own Self-Hosted Disposable Webmail with Inbucket
  • Create Your Own Internet Radio Station With Icecast
  • Our series on "How to Setup a Highly Available WordPress Site From Scratch" (nginx, MySQL multi-master, DRBD, RR DNS)
  • Using Google Authenticator for SSH and Console Connections to Your VPS

Articles on topics of interest to the LowEnd community. Not news articles per se but analysis of events, independent research, comparisons, and in general anything our community might find interesting. Think of the kinds of articles you see in Linux Magazine, only oriented towards the LE community.

Things we haven't thought of that would appeal to the community. Feel free to suggest something and we might just like it!

Things We Are NOT Looking For

Basic tutorials that anyone can find on 100 different sites. E.g., we don't need tuts on how to generate SSH keys, how to install MySQL, etc.

Any kind of plagiarized content

Articles that are too developer-focused or outside of LEB's core focus


If so, PM LEB's Editor-in-Chief and Dread Lord of Content, @raindog308. What I'll want is:

  • Some examples of your previous work (published or unpublished)
  • What kind of content you're looking to contribute
  • An idea of what you're looking for in terms of compensation
  • What your availability is on a monthly basis to contribute
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