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EDIS Austria providing Colocation for Raspberry PI for 100% free
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EDIS Austria providing Colocation for Raspberry PI for 100% free

ravenchadravenchad Member
edited November 2013 in General

Hi guys,

May be someone will be interested. So i'll just share it.
Edis Austria, wants your raspberry pi to be located there for free with 100GB bw in 100Mbit Uplink. plus 1 ipv4 (again as what they say)

For more info.

Enjoy! :)

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  • I thought they stopped doing it last year ...

  • @vedran said:
    I thought they stopped doing it last year ...

    Correct, they stopped

  • They have started going it again. Now it should have remote reboot capability, accessible through their web panel. Ask @William

  • Yep, is available, with remote reboot and higher qty :)

  • wonder if there is any company in north america that will colo a slightly modded sure it uses just about the same amount of power..

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited November 2013

    @William do people really want to bother shipping these things to Austria?
    Why don't you purchase some RPi's in bulk (and SD cards) yourself and then resell to people at some modest markup, with the benefit of immediate installation to colo.

  • Why not? We get many of them, shipping is very cheap anyway :)

  • If it was in stock I would purchase one.. would not mind even paying a small set up fee since the monthly cost is free..

  • It is in stock...

  • earlearl Member
    edited November 2013

    @William said:
    It is in stock...

    how much are they?

    -- sorry I think I misunderstood your reply..

    I meant to say if you had stock in Edis.. like what rm_ suggested.

  • Seems a great offer. Could you guys offer nas colo too?

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited November 2013

    William said: shipping is very cheap anyway :)

    Shipping is cheap, dealing with Russian Post is priceless.

    (oh and 1-2 months' wait).

    (oh and sometimes there's a fire, but don't worry you will get your package no matter what, even if it's soaked in water from putting it out and reeks of soot )

  • I sent one two weeks ago and got it collocated. EDIS is awesome.

  • The shipping fee to Austria from my location cost more than the device with a SD card, please consider what @rm_ suggested.

  • if only we can just buy pi from edis to avoid shipping

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  • @jcaleb said:
    if only we can just buy pi from edis to avoid shipping


  • DroidzoneDroidzone Member
    edited November 2013

    @jcaleb said:
    if only we can just buy pi from edis to avoid shipping


    Anyone know any online store based in Austria where one can buy a Pi internationally, and then ship it to their DC locally?

  • I've been waiting for the Raspberry Pi Foundation to update their device. 700 MHz just doesn't cut it these days.

  • NyrNyr Member
    edited November 2013

    I could maybe do the buying, flashing, setup and shipping for people outside of Europe if some of you are interested. I would buy the boards and cards, flash/configure and ship to EDIS.

    It would imply a little fee so lazy people doesn't offload work to me. Something like a 10 EUR markup seems reasonable to me.

    Costs could be something like this (prices rounded up to cover little changes, could be a little cheaper):

    RPi: 45 EUR (including shipping and taxes)

    8 GB class4 SDHC: 8 EUR
    8 GB class 10 SDHC: 12 EUR
    16 GB class 4 SDHC: 12 EUR
    16 GB class 10 SDHC: 15 EUR
    32 GB class 10 SDHC: 25 EUR

    8 GB USB drive: 8 EUR
    2x 8 GB nano USB drives: 17 EUR
    16 GB USB drive: 12 EUR
    2x 16 GB nano USB drives: 28 EUR
    32 GB USB drive: 17 EUR
    2x 32 GB nano USB drives: 40 EUR
    64 GB USB drive: 33 EUR

    Shipping: 9 EUR

    My fee: 10 EUR

    So for example: RPi model B + 8 GB class 4 SD card + shipping + my fee = 45 + 12 + 9 + 10 = 72 EUR

    If at least five people are interested, I would do it.

  • dedicadosdedicados Member
    edited November 2013


    I see for the colocation need the OS installed, which OS are going install?

    maybe i can get one. =)

  • NyrNyr Member
    edited November 2013


    I would install Raspbian (Debian) by default, but I am open to requests if some people prefers Arch or whatever. No biggie, I could flash other images as long as they have SSH enabled by default (I can do headless configurations only).

    Boards would be shipped flashed and with both IPv4 and IPv6 networks configured, so you only need to ssh when EDIS gets them :)

  • @Nyr sounds reasonable. Let me know when/if you finalize things.

  • Yea i'd do that with @Nyr, he can just ship them in packs to us. (Please mark them individual with IP though).

    (Legal note: Offer "acknowledged" by EDIS; not official or official supported)

    We don't plan to offer this as the worktime involved is... high, and the colo is already free ;)

  • Cool..sounds like a great way to have a DNS server/VPN for life...touch wood. :D

  • @joelgm if at least 3 more people are interested for the first batch, I will make sure to start this :)

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  • @William does it have to be raspberry or would you also collocate cubieboard?

  • @William - Do I remember you saying a few weeks ago to give you a couple of weeks for Something new to be offered in Iceland?

  • We only accept RPIs, the mounting and power is specifically designed for them.

    SOON @W1V_Lee

  • @William - How long is that piece of string? :P

  • @William: is the power cable needed? On the you are not mentioning it, but on the second external link you are pointing to the cable is beeing mentioned as glued to raspberry?
    My understanding would be that raspberry + sd card with installed/configured OS is enough.

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