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Official Top Providers Q3 2012

Official Top Providers Q3 2012

RaymiiRaymii Member
edited December 2012 in General

I'll count the replies as following: - Position 1: 3 points, - Position 2: 2 point, - Position 3: 1 points.

Let's run it until at least 7 october?

Well, my go:

  1. RAM Host
  2. / BuyVM
  3. Inceptionhosting

The Official Table

Prometeus: 111 Points Hostigation: 79 Points BuyVM: 76 Points RamNode: 37 Points EDIS: 35 Points ChicagoVPS: 24 Points SecureDragon: 21 Points SemoWeb: 18 Points ProviderService: 15 Points LFCVPS: 13 Points RamHost [Including tinyvz]: 13 Points PyramidServer: 12 Points CastleGem: 10 Points URPad [Including vmport]: 10 Points InceptionHosting: 9 Points VPS6: 8 Points KiloServe: 6 Points LoveVPS: 6 Points PCSmart: 6 Points BHost: 5 Points BlueVM: 5 Points HTTPZoom: 5 Points NECS: 5 Points SSDVM: 5 Points StylexNetworks: 5 Points VooServers: 5 Points AllSimple: 4 Points CatalystVPS: 4 Points MisterHost: 4 Points VPSCheap: 4 Points BudgetVM: 3 Points Kazila: 3 Points LiquidHost: 3 Points MiniVPS: 3 Points Onepoundwebhosting: 3 Points RocketVPS: 3 Points Smart-Serv: 3 Points SonicVPS: 3 Points HudsonValleyHost: 2 Points IPXCore: 2 Points KnightSwarm: 2 Points NodeDeploy: 2 Points TorqHost: 2 Points VPS-Forge: 2 Points XenVZ: 2 Points AllGamer: 1 Point AstoundingHost: 1 Point Cinfu: 1 Point DigitalOcean: 1 Point EidolonHost: 1 Point FiberVolt: 1 Point FrontRangeHosting: 1 Point Host1Free: 1 Point OneAsiaHost: 1 Point ProvisionHost: 1 Point Qhoster: 1 Point QuickWeb: 1 Point ServerSavior: 1 Point VPSSlim: 1 Point

Honorable Mentions

EDIS: 8 Honorable Mentions BuyVM: 5 Honorable Mentions SecureDragon: 4 Honorable Mentions StylexNetworks: 4 Honorable Mentions BlueVM: 2 Honorable Mentions BudgetVM: 2 Honorable Mentions ChicagoVPS: 2 Honorable Mentions Hostigation: 2 Honorable Mentions ProviderService: 2 Honorable Mentions RamNode: 2 Honorable Mentions AllGamer: 1 Honorable Mention AllSimple: 1 Honorable Mention CastleGem: 1 Honorable Mention CatalystVPS: 1 Honorable Mention Cinfu: 1 Honorable Mention DreamServers: 1 Honorable Mention FitVPS: 1 Honorable Mention Host1Free: 1 Honorable Mention HTTPZoom: 1 Honorable Mention KiloServe: 1 Honorable Mention KnightSwarm: 1 Honourable Mention LFCVPS: 1 Honorable Mention MiniVPS: 1 Honorable Mention RamHost: 1 Honorable Mention sshVM: 1 Honorable Mention TorqHost: 1 Honorable Mention VPS6: 1 Honorable Mention

Last Updated 07/10/2012 [17:30 London Time] Non voting posts will be deleted._

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  • AsadHaiderAsadHaider Member
    edited October 2012
    1. LoveVPS
    2. BuyVM
    3. AstoundingHost (They would be #1 if they actually had some form of RAID on their nodes)

    SimpleNode | Minecraft and VPS Hosting | KVM and OpenVZ | Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ | PayPal and BitCoins accepted

  • JackJack Member
    edited September 2012

    I vote for:

    1. Prometeus
    2. Hostigation
    3. Onepoundwebhosting
  • And i vote for: 1. Prometeus 2. BuyVM 3.

    1. RocketVPS (w/coupon) / BuyVM
    2. /
    3. RamHost /

    Others I've used not long enough for a mention but still good so far: OVH's free vks, StyleXnetworks, ProviderService

  • I vote for : 1. Prometeus 2. Pyramid Server 3. RamNode

    Honoured mention : - CatalystVPS - Edis - Stylexnetworks - powered by Prometeus XenBiz | Server Uptime status - powered by Prometeus Xen Pune
    I'm not working for any providers in here, all my comments just my own opinion.
    Thanked by 3Mon5t3r Nick_A jarland
    1. Prometeus
    2. ProviderService
    3. Carstensz Pyramid Server

    President Of Operations/CEO/CFO/CTO/COO of my account

    Thanked by 1Mon5t3r
    1. ProviderService (Please get a client area)
    2. Prometeus (Please restock KVM)
    3. SecureDragon (Please move to Europe) HM: BuyVM So many good hosts! Should be top 10.
    Thanked by 1KuJoe
    1. Ramnode
    2. Hostigation
    3. Inception Hosting HM: EDIS

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    Thanked by 1Nick_A
    1. Prometeus
    2. RAM Host
    3. Securedragon
    Thanked by 1KuJoe
  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited September 2012

    1) Prometeus (all around good prices, performance and stability, the only small problem is they're in Italy, which for me means +10-20ms ping compared to providers in .de) 2) ProviderService (had a 1.9 EUR for 512MB Xen offer going, and this is from a serious provider that's been around for a long time) 3) EidolonHost (2GB Xen for $7!)

    Honourable Mention: Kimsufi 2G - a 15 EUR dedicated server from OVH, I could just move all my services to that one and cancel all the LEBs, saving a lot of money in the process. But where's the fun in that :)

  • AndriAndri Member
    edited September 2012

    My vote would be: 1. Sal's @Prometeus 2. IPXCore 3. @KuJoe's SecureDragon

    Honorable mention: @miTgiB's Hostigation and @StyleXNetwork

    Five of you, thanks for being awesome! :D

    Thanked by 2KuJoe ipxadam
  • Why not. I can't decide which of these 3 deserves which spot, so just letting them fall how they do.

    1. Hostigation
    2. Ramnode
    3. BuyVM | Read about my new hosting experiment.

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
    1. BuyVM
    2. Prometeus
    3. Hostigation
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  • InfinityInfinity Retired Staff
    edited October 2012

    1) Hostigation 2) Castlegem 3) OnePoundWebHosting

    All 3 are pretty much at the same level for me.

    我是一个巨魔 (;

    Thanked by 2ozfingwe TheHackBox
  • My vote goes to:

    1. LoveVPS
    2. BuyVM
    3. HudsonValleyHost
    1. Ramnode
    2. LFCVPS
    3. Allsimple

    join us on IRC - #lowendbox on

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
    1. Prometeus - Excellent uptime, great performance, cheap
    2. Hostigation - Excellent performance, good uptime
    3. Ramnode - Excellent performance and uptime, only host I tested that could run my tekkit server without tickrate issues - The oldest post to host VPS provider
    Thanked by 1Nick_A
  • 1.) RamNode - just silly, silly fast to the point of ridiculousness 2.) Prometeus - uptime! 3.) SemoWeb - hopefully they have more $12 LEB sales soon!

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
  • ChiefChief Member
    edited October 2012
    1. Hostigation - Nearly a year on and still happy
    2. ProviderService - Working a treat
    3. OnePoundWebHosting - Solid as ever
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    1. Minivps
    2. bhost
    3. Prometeus

    Just in case there are any honourable mention points

    Buyvm Chicagovps

    SBS - Sore Butt Syndrome

    Thanked by 1jshinkle
  • budingyunbudingyun Member
    edited September 2012

    For now, my current active vps just from RamNode and SSDVM. So my vote are just for both of them. :p

    1. RamNode
    2. SSDVM
    1. Hostigation
    2. Prometeus
    3. StyleXNetworks

    I haven't used some of my other LEBs enough to rate them yet.

  • LiamLiam Retired Staff
    edited October 2012

    1: CastleGem 2: EDIS 3: Prometeus

    Honourable Mention: Fitvps

    All three are awesome! I would put them all as 1 if I could. I chose CastleGem as top purely because I gave three to EDIS last time and I need to share the love! Bernhard 's recent generosity may of swung my vote too ;-)

    Retired LowEndBox & LowEndTalk staff.
    Thanked by 1ozfingwe
    1. Hostigation
    2. LFCVPS
    1. Prometeus
    2. Pyramid
    3. Server Savior
    Thanked by 1Mon5t3r
    1. ChicagoVPS
    Thanked by 1jshinkle
    1. Vooservers
    2. BuyVM
    3. Hostigation

    HM:, securedragon

  • Thank you for the votes @Chief @Jack @Infinity

    I have some external monitoring vps from some providers and based on those I would vote for in no particular order:

    1. lfcvps
    2. Prometeus
    3. Hostigation
    OnePoundWebHostingUK XEN VPSPV & HVM
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  • zserozsero Member
    edited September 2012
    1. Prometeus (19500 IOPS on SSD, 34 ms from the UK, 60+ MB/s in Europe) 2.-3. I think it's only fair to give points to hosts I've actually experienced, so I prefer not to give these places.
    • worst experience: MiniVPS French hardware => 7-12 IOPS for a week, ticket saying that RAID is resyncing (for a whole week??? I've moved to Prometeus VZSSD5 and never looked back)
    1. Catalyst
    2. Semoweb
    Thanked by 1jarland
  • 1.: Hostigation (got me BGP :p) 2.: Prometeus (got me BGP as well) 3.: -

    Opinions/Posts are to be assumed my own/personal and not company related unless obvious - Content is protected by free speech laws in the US (where LET is hosted) and Austria (where i live). I am currently not working @ EDIS due to health issues.

  • ChanChan Member
    edited September 2012
    1. RamNode - Amazing Performance, best LEB I have had so far. Haven't use their support yet so can't comment on that. Would be awesome if they can expand to LA to provide a lower latency to users in Asia
    2. Edis - Quite good but depends on location. Some of them is amazing while some others aren't as good. Support respond time varies, sometimes 30m< the most was a day
    3. BuyVM - Good overall, but I'm putting it here as the 3rd since it's out of stock frequently. I've had them for quite awhile but I'm under the impression that it's often overhyped by their customer. Though I'll still use them if they have stock

    HM: - BudgetVM - Very cheap andworks quite well but I heard they have network issues frequently, didn't counter it myself though. Spec is ok (E5 CPUs with 1Gb ram for $5, what more do you want ) - Host1Free - Amazing considering that it's free, I can't imagine how over"sold" it is though

    Thanked by 1Nick_A
    1. RamNode
    2. Secure Dragon
    3. Front Range Hosting
    ServerBear - Easy UnixBench/dd/IOPS/FIO (NEW) & Network Benchmarks | Example Report | Compare Low End Boxes
    Gleam - Run kick-ass viral competitions & rewards to grow your userbase. Free until Sept.
    Thanked by 2Nick_A KuJoe
  • 1.Chicago vps 2..buyvm

  • tuxtux Member
    1. Prometeus
    2. Pyramid Server
    3. VMPort
    Thanked by 1Mon5t3r
    1. Kiloserve
    2. BuyVM
    3. Hostigation

    A mention (not honourable, not bad either...): YardVPS - My $15/yr OpenVZ still remains online despite them not selling them anymore. Uptime on it is great, but the performance is below average. Still makes for a good secondary DNS server though...

    1. BlueVM - no love for BlueVM? D:
    2. uhh.... i dunno.

    Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress

    Thanked by 1Ishaq
  • jcalebjcaleb Moderator
    1. Carstensz Pyramid Server
    2. Prometeus
    3. BuyVM
    Thanked by 2TheHackBox Mon5t3r
    1. EDIS - Solid support, and multiple locations to choose from =D. Id have a whole EDIS node if I could afford it.
    2. VPSCheap - Excellent support! Matched a LEB deal here for me, network is pretty good.
    3. BuyVM - I really like their San Jose location, excellent speeds. Support is decent.
    1. Hostigation
    2. KnightSwarm
    3. FiberVolt
    Reviews | Website | Projects (Minstall, Scripts, etc)
    Thanked by 1Victor
    1. BuyVM
    2. Hostigation
    3. Ramnode
    Thanked by 1Nick_A
    1. BuyVM - SJ and NY are both A++
    2. NodeDeploy - Great deals, reliable, Gbit.
    3. Catalyst - Fast, cheap, unmetered (in Denver) and in relatively underserved locations.

    HM: - VPS6 (still grumbling over the troubles in Los Angeles) - BlueVM (once I get in a few months I can pop them up into one of the three above spots)

    "We are in a prison drama. This is like The Shawshank Redemption, only with more tunneling through shit and no fucking redemption."
    Thanked by 2jarland Ishaq
    1. Hostigation

    All my eggs are in one basket. - Domain name .mg

    Thanked by 1miTgiB
    1. Prometeus - love their service and crazy sale prices
    2. Buyvm - new location - love it
    3. Hostigation - prices good, support is incredible

    honorable mention - tinyvz/ramhost

    1. ChicagoVPS
    2. BuyVM
    3. BlueVM
    Thanked by 2Ishaq jshinkle
  • ZenZen Member
    1. Semoweb
    2. Hostigation
    3. Prometeus
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