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Quick hdd raid question

Quick hdd raid question

cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
edited August 2012 in General

hi guys, with the SSd price drastically dropping in tge last couple months I've since upgraded all my pc drives to SSd and now I'm left with 3 old drives: a 320gb, 500gb and 1tb hdd. Can I run these drives with different capacity on raid 5?if yes, Are there any good online tutorials out there that you can point me to?Thanks


  • RandyRandy Disabled

    Get Ranty to help you ;-)

  • No thanks, Randy will just tell everyone what porn I have on those drives

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  • With a standard RAID 5, you'll be limited by the size of the smallest drive.

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  • @nickM . In this case , I only have a disk space of 320gb if I raid those 3 drives?

  • Yes - the guides to administer your lowend vps |
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  • It'll be 640GB if you use RAID5.

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  • /dev/md0 - RAID 5 - 320GB x 3 - Usable 640GB /dev/md1 - RAID 1 - Remainder 180gb (500GB - 320GB) - Usable 180GB /dev/sdc4 - No RAID - Remainder 500gb (1TB - 500GB) - Usable 500GB

    Total available 1.32TB, 820GB raid protected data can withstand any 1 disk to fail. Important porn you cannot afford to lose in /dev/md0 or /dev/md1, porn you can afford to lose /dev/sdc4.

    Alternately I'd probably do this to avoid the RAID5 XOR since the raid protected capacity is the same but you lose non raid capacity.

    /dev/md0 - RAID 1 - 320GB + 320GB (from 1TB) - Usable 320GB /dev/md1 - RAID 1 - 500GB + 500GB (from 1TB) - Usable 500GB /dev/sdc4 - No Raid - 180GB (from 1TB) - Usable 180GB

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  • I think Btrfs allows you to put drives with different sizes together and have some level of redundancy at the same time

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