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In need of a Cheap Dedi

In need of a Cheap Dedi

shunnyshunny Member
edited August 2012 in General

Hey Everyone, Yes I did see posts on some cheap dedi deals but seem to have missed them all. So I just wanted to throw this out there. Anybody know of some cheap dedi-deals under or equal to say $40. I know of Kimsufi and Hetzner, but any others? :D




  • server4you, datashack

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  • thanks, heard of datashack will look up server4you


  • server4you looks decent any experience?


  • Yeah, they sucked, I requested a refund, they refunded me... The end :P

  • JackJack Member

    @Alex_LiquidHost said: Yeah, they sucked, I requested a refund, they refunded me... The end :P

    What was up with them?

  • server4you setup fee is ridiculous.


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  • @Jack said: What was up with them?

    Got no idea, i think that there was some problems with the disk drives, something to do with the RAID... But I remember that they could not do something and offered to refund me.

    EDIT: It was that they offered to refund me, not that I requested a refund*

  • @shunny said: server4you setup fee is ridiculous.

    Nah, you can pay 10$ mroe monthly.

  • hehe, hmmmmm. Not sure if I would pay $10 extra per month. :P


  • gsrdgrdghdgsrdgrdghd Member without signature

    Server4you's uptime is decent. If you can agree with their TOP/AUS you'll probably be fine.

  • earlearl Member
    edited August 2012

    Never tried them, but it's petty cheap..the cobalt looks interesting!

  • @earl sure does :D


  • @Alex_LiquidHost said: t was that they offered to refund me

    Wow, what did you do they offered to refund you? I save that option for those special kinds of clients.

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  • JackJack Member

    @miTgiB said: Wow, what did you do they offered to refund you? I save that option for those special kinds of clients.

    Like me ;)

  • @earl said: the cobalt


    With that said, you could try CoreNetworks or JoesDC.

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  • @ihatetonyy haha! will give them a look.


  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited August 2012

    Here are my suggestions:

    ProviderService in Germany

    They offer a high level of support and a GREAT network. If you want to test their network before you buy, try one of their Xen VPS offerings they have recently made. I have been a customer with them for almost 2 years and they are among the top 3 providers I suggest to anyone looking for a dedicated server.

    CPU: Intel G630T 2x 2.3 GHz
    Ram: 8GB    
    Hard Drive: 2x 320GB RAID-1 Software
    Bandwidth: 5TB
    Cost: 33.00€ / month

    At current conversion according to google: 33 euros = 40.8441 US dollars

    1Paket in Germany:

    I do not currently host with them, but I have in the past and it was for over 2 years. Network is pretty damn good, especially anything connected to Lambdanet. (They are actually in Lambdanet Communications Deutschland AG) They have a lot of decent peering NL-IX, AMS-IX, DE-IX and more. (though ProviderService may have a few better routes to some places).

    They have a couple options in the same price range, check out:

    An Example is:

    Atom 330 2x1,6 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HD
    The main features of our services are as follows:
    * FREE Basic Support 24/7
    * FREE Linux OS and Confixx Confixx Controlpanel
    * FREE Linux OS reloads
    * Remote Reboot Port
    * Rescue System
    * 5 IPs included
    * No Setup-Fee
    * Online within 24 hours (Linux OS)
    * All boxes with 100mbit shared connection, 15 Customer, 3-4TB
    * Testfile:
    * Test-IP:
    * Location: Munich, Germany
    Price before VAT (+19 % in Germany),
    plus fee for payment method (4,5 % paypal)

    16+ Years IT Experience in Linux/Windows Hosting and Administration

  • @TheLinuxBug -hmmm, that is a little tempting.


  • AmfyAmfy Member
    edited August 2012


    To continue your German list: Atom 330, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD for 20€ :P

    (no personal experience with their dedicated, but a long time ago I phoned with them because of their VPS)

    But you always have to know: You get what you pay for! - Why does so many people now want dedicateds?

  • earlearl Member

    @Amfy said: Why does so many people now want dedicateds?

    Maybe people get bored of buying VPS's and like to try something new?

  • @earl you got it! XD


  • VolumeDrive in USA. Email them before ordering as their setup time is much longer than others.

    Worldstream also have some good deals.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    try joe's datacenter?

  • ?

    slow motion

  • Datashack/Wholesaleinternet

  • @Randy @tommy @dominicl - thanks. Yea I checked them all out and they all look decent. I might go with VolumeDrive in USA. Although I am holding out a bit more if Datashack will have more stock on the $29 AMD Opteron Server XD. If not I might go with Kimsufi just to play around with their cheap celeron/ atom dedis (last option).


  • serverstadium

    I use them a lot. They are pretty good.

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  • @lele0108 - not bad. But a little out of my current budget. Maybe sometime later i will consider them.


  • Honestly, I don't expect the best service for a dedi under $40 or the greatest hardware. But just need something that works (works decently well) and has some decent uptime.


  • JarJar Member

    @fly I think they started breaking that rule, but they still seem to say it. Heard several people lately mention them that I know aren't resellers.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member
    edited August 2012

    @jarland said: I think they started breaking that rule, but they still seem to say it. Heard several people lately mention them that I know aren't resellers.

    Cause you can easily create an account with them. I actually have an account and intended to use it for personal use only, not reselling... Than I have read their FAQ.

    EDIT: Especially: If I have many servers with you and 1 of my server gets a large DDOS that negatively affects the network, will only 1 of my server that gets DDOS gets terminated or will all of my servers be terminated? If one of your client's server gets DDOS, we will terminate the server that gets DDOS only. But if this keeps on happening with most of your clients then we will discontinue your reseller status and ask you to move to other hosting provider.

    Actually they seem to have changed the 1st thing. It stated that if you get DDoSed you will get immediately terminated. Now it says that in the second FAQ question. Just not absolutely directly.

  • RandyRandy Disabled

    severstaduim is very strict with their rules, you must be very aware and take actions right away.

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