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AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member
edited July 2012 in General

Heya guys, suggest reasonably priced collocations in or near Seattle.


  • PADPAD Member

    My question is how the hell are you going to afford shipping your servers from eastern Europe to Seattle.

    And I'm pretty sure LiquidHost already uses Sentris, don't they offer colocation? They're cheap as hell too. FDC are always a possibility, not sure of any other providers in that area.

  • Yes, forgot to mention that we already use Sentris. I am looking for other alternatives. Will check FDC as well, thank you.

    And not going to ship it from Bulgaria :)

  • Check ServerStadium,damn cheap price,though they only provide servers for resellers.

  • Looking for colo, not servers. Chris has PMed me, waiting on his response.

  • sent ya a PM.

    HTTP Zoom -
  • JarJar Member

    @dearroy said: Check ServerStadium

    Ever used them? Been looking at them but they're claiming an IPv4 shortage right now.

  • Thanks httpzoom, will call them :) @jarland Also, about serverstadium: Go to the FAQ and on Technical tab on the left. Do you see something disturbing?

  • PADPAD Member

    What happens if my server gets DDOS or attacked in anyway?

    If the attack cause a negative effect on our network, we will immediately null route your IP and terminate your server. We will still give you access to your server to retrieve your data. However, if the DDOS is less than 2 Gbps and our network is not negatively affected, then we will only null route your IP and will not terminate your server. (Our uplinks are multiple 10Gbps).

    Lolno. Bye.

  • PADPAD Member

    What is the maximum number of IPs that I can have in my server?

    You can either have 8 IPs maximum or 12 IPs maximum in your server depending on how/when you order it.

    Well these guys keep getting crappier for each answer they give

  • JarJar Member
    edited July 2012

    @LiquidHost Good catch. I would hope they do that to scare people off and are actually a bit more friendly about it (like me, like I'd ever charge a legit client the fees in my TOS). But if it's a deterrent, it's effective.

  • @PAD said: My question is how the hell are you going to afford shipping your servers from eastern Europe to Seattle.

    So...? UPS charges the same from BG to US than from Austria to US, barely 200EUR per shipment.

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